Total Time
Prep 8 hrs
Cook 0 mins

I live in a very rural part of Idaho, and finding some of the ingredients listed is sometimes really difficult, so I have found that making these things myself not only tastes great and is economical, but very satisfying. Creme Fraiche is a delicious tangy creme used in soups, sauces and as a condiment.


  1. Combine heavy cream and buttermilk in glass jar and mix well. Cover and let stand at room temperature (about 70F) for 8-24 hours or until mixture thickens. Stir well to combine and then store in fridge. Will keep for up to 10 days.
  2. Tips:.
  3. 1. Use as a thickener for soups or sauces.
  4. 2. Spoon over fresh fruits, puddings or warm cobblers.
  5. 3. Can be used in boiled recipes as it will not curdle.