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We really enjoyed the flavor of these crackers. I did add a Tablespoon of olive oil to the dough (I might try butter next time). I was afraid they would be too dry if I didn't. I couldn't taste the garlic. Next time I'll add more. I cut mine in cracker shapes and pricked with a fork before baking. Thanks. :)

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Linajjac May 12, 2008

I can't really rate this based on the orginal recipe, but will assume following exactly would have yielded good results. I used chickpea flour in place of regular flour, less than 1/3 cup of water, 1 garlic clove, cracked pepper, baking soda, sesame seeds, whole flax seeds, ground almonds, and a little less than a tbsp of olive oil & freshly crushed rosemary. I sifted the flour and baking soda, added the other dry ingredients, mixed then added the water and oil & mixed again to form a dough. Was still very moist so added chickpea flour as needed and rolled out. This flour tends to be sticky so I cut into pieces before putting on cookie sheet & sprinkled with sea salt. Baked 10 min as instructed, poked holes, cooked another 10 or so minutes until firm. I enjoyed the crackers with white bean hummus. Thanks for sharing.

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UmmX January 09, 2010

Something went awry with this recipe. The dough was incredibly stiff, I could hardly roll it thin. Then the end result ended up tasting like baking powder. I gave 3 stars b/c my husband ended up eating some of the crackers with hummus. I followed the recipe to a tee, but felt it lacked some liquid.

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Dusty&Sarah January 01, 2010

I thought these were great! I took them to a Bunco party and they were well received. I did cut with a pizza cutter and used a fork to prick before baking. I separated the crackers after 10 min. and did another 6 min. then after cooling they still needed more to crisp up so at the party we put them in for another 10 min. Served with cheese and all the other appetizers that were there.

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adopt a greyhound May 09, 2009

Nice crispy cracker. I used a pasta rolling machine to hand crank out nice thin sheets that I cut into squares before placing in the oven (I like the way this lets the edges tinge a little browner). Thank you Tripsy!

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Primordial January 20, 2009

I was surprised by the inclusion of baking soda without an acidic ingredient, but used this recipe anyway. The crackers puffed slightly due to the heat-activated double action, but still taste unmistakably of unreacted baking soda. The two teaspoons of Italian seasoning and one of garlic powder that I added instead of the suggested seasonings just barely covered the taste. The crackers were otherwise edible, and I appreciated the low fat content (although flour does contain fat).

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bornaglutton June 11, 2015

Easy to make, used my pasta maker to get it as thin as possible. I did get the overwhelming baking soda experience, so next time I will use only 1/2 tsp. Also, I baked them at 350 for 10 minutes, then shut the oven off and let them sit for another 5. They came out nice and browned, crispy, and with the salt sprinkled on top before baking they tasted like tasty little pretzel crackers!

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Nina's Mom October 27, 2011

The only thing I changed was granulated instead of minced garlic and I upped the pepper. It gave me the tang I was looking for. I followed the bake 10 then cut and next time I will cut and put on the sheet. My total bake time was 16 minutes and could have been longer to make them crunchier. I rolled it through my pasta maker on #4 which is right at 1/8 inch. Next time will go down to #5. Reading the reviews, I see several people poked holes in them. I think that is a good idea as it will crisp them more. I will also either spray/brush with vinegar or oil before sprinkling salt and it will be kosher or a nice gourmet salt. I have always meant to make crackers. However, for some reason, I thought it would be hard. Thanks for showing me it is not at all hard to do!

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Ambervim April 08, 2011

This was my first try at cracker making. I rolled the dough between two pieces of plastic wrap for easy clean-up. I could swear I rolled it 1/8" thick, but it seemingly puffed up thicker than I would have expected. Also, the recipe doesn't state whether to grease the baking sheet. I passed a few swipes of olive oil and the cracker stuck onto areas without the oil, pulling away dough from the bottom of the cracker. I've noted that a cookie cutter is not sharp enough to get a clean cut on the baked cracker as well. On the other hand, the garlic and rosemary infusion into the cracker was quite remarkably good. I'd like to make these again with a few tweaks and I'm sure they'd be perfect. Made for Healthy Choices ABC Tag

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gailanng May 08, 2009

OH. MY. GOSH. NICOLA, IS THIS YOUR RECIPE. RECIPEZAAR'S STRANGE AND MYSTERIOUS WAYS. PS--Delicious crackers. I also made a batch w/o rosemary and garlic and added salt. I baked 6 min after cutting the crackers.

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tatumis May 02, 2009
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