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These were so good! The only things I did different was to allow the gelatin to bloom for at least 30 minutes and to cook the sugar syrup to 244 degrees, based on my success with a different recipe. It was just amazing to see the brown viscous fluid turn into a brown and beautiful fluff. They were a great hit at a fondue party I attended. I am thinking a little rum extract might be a nice addition. I let mine sit about 18 hrs before cutting, and used a pizza wheel-type cutter, which worked wonderfully.

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duonyte January 28, 2011

These are soooo decadent! Very rich tasting! You would never guess you were eating a fat-free treat. I've made the vanilla version several times but was glad to find this recipe since my mom spent $18 to buy a dozen of these at Williams Sonoma! I made them for pennies and put them in a gift basket for her for Christmas. She thought they were much better than the expensive ones! I only needed about half of the powder sugar/cocoa powder mix to coat them and I omitted the cornstarch entirely since I had never used it in the vanilla recipe before. They are definitely moist so give them plenty of time to air out. I didn't dip them in any chocolate--they don't need it. Thanks for posting!

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MN*Kelly January 22, 2009
Homemade Chocolate Marshmallows