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This is delicious! It's also just the right consistency. My youngest son is a terribly picky eater, but he asks for this at least once a week. I have only tried it with cheddar, but I think swiss or an Italian blend would also be good :)

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DungeonDeb August 11, 2010

Made this tonight and I thought it was pretty good. I used fresh onion instead of powder and left the salt out of the seasoning packet mixture since I used some Lawrys and salted to taste. Also added black pepper. I used whole wheat macaroni, skim milk, and reduced fat cheddar cheese so it wasn't as creamy as normal hamburger helper but it was still pretty good, especially for being really quick and easy and much healthier. I think next time I might add cayenne and some sour cream.

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awestevez December 12, 2011

To all those who say it's too bland, try adding different cheeses. I personally can't stand cheddar alone so I always add some american, asiago, or romano. Something to add a more complex flavor and break up the greasy, dullness I taste with cheddar alone. Just my suggestion. Nice and easy recipe.

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sunnydee130 July 24, 2011

Absolutley wonderful!!!
I followed the recipe exactly. I did use whole wheat macaroni pasta and the kraft american/cheddar cheese blend. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am making up baggies with the "sauce packet" blend for future use.

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CoCo Ann January 02, 2011

Yay!!!! I have been craving this for SOOOO long!! Because I've given up so many things I can't even have the gluten free boxed version anymore! (Gluten, corn, casein, soy and all preservatives) Tried it tonight and it was AWESOME!!!! My hubby said it was even better than the original stuff! Here are the things I swapped around...
Grass-fed ground beef
Silk Original Almond Milk
Sheep Cheese (1 1/2 C. of equal parts 3 month Manchego and Cordobes)
Tinkyada Organic Brown Rice elbow pasta (needs to cook a few min. longer than recipe)
Bob's Red Mill Unmodified Potato Starch

I also doubled the onion powder, added some extra paprika, and a tsp. of black pepper.

I will be making this again!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

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hesetmeglutenfree February 07, 2012

AMAZING!! This has a nice flavor and even my picky eaters LOVED this recipe.
I wanted to give it more of a hamburger essence, so I added these ingredients :
1tbsp. Chopped onion
1tbsp. Ketchup
1tsp. Mustard
substituted regular salt for lawry's seasoning
1tsp. Brewers yeast (optional) * just to add b-vitamins
it was PERFECT

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emeryAnn November 05, 2011

This. is. amazing! I cannot believe there are no more reviews than mine and DungeonDeb's. The taste is SPOT-ON to the boxed mix. My mom said it was even better than the boxed Hamburger Helper! We used about 2 cups of Sargento sharp shredded cheddar, and it was fine for us. We will definitely be making this again. Say goodbye to the boxed mix, everyone! You will never buy it again after tasting this. :D

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cherrytail December 28, 2010

I really liked this! I didn't have regular paprika, only smoked paprika. It's pretty potent stuff, so cut it down to 1 tsp instead of 2. It added a great twist though. It reheats fairly well but loses some of the sauciness after refrigeration. I love cheese and think next time I will double the amount of cheddar. I did notice that an 8 oz box of macaroni is slightly more than 1 1/2 measured cups which may have contributed to less sauce. I'll experiment with this a bit more. Overall, a good recipe with lots of flexibility! Thank you for a healthy twist to a HH favorite :)

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Travis H. August 24, 2011

This was good and easy to make. I followed the recipe as written other then I doubled it. It just seemed like it was missing something- maybe pepper? So much better then the boxed stuff!

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bmcnichol January 11, 2011

This was quick and easy and did come out very similar to boxed Hamburger Helper. I will make this again, however I think next time I will add mushrooms or green peppers just to make it a more well rounded meal.

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Amelia's Mom January 12, 2015
Homemade Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper