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Prep 20 mins
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Surprisingly simple, for those times you want your own lovely butter here is the method. You can do it by hand or using a food processor and add flavors too. Since it is not any cheaper than storebought, probably best used to spread on breads and muffins etc rather than to cook in something. Update 30/02/12. YES! it works! Delicious too. Added in some flavor options

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 pint heavy cream (or less, depends on how much you want to make)
  • 14 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon dill, thyme, rosemary, pepper, cinnamon, honey (optional)


  1. Make sure your cream is at room temperature, or it will take much longer.
  2. Place cream either in a tight fitting lidded jar or the food processor.
  3. Jar method: start shaking the jar up and down. After 3 minutes it will start to feel like shaking whipped cream, keep going another 3 minutes where it will seem like nothing is happening, but it is.suddenly it goes "shuk shuk" and that is the butter separating from the buttermilk. Continue to shake for another 4 minutes until most of the buttermilk is liquified.
  4. Food Processor: Place the cream in and turn it on until the butter separates from the buttermilk as above.
  5. Pour off the buttermilk through cheese cloth, either covering the top of the jar or the food processor (dont forget to keep the buttermilk for pancakes lol).
  6. Fill the jar or bowl with VERY cold tap water - dont want it to melt at all and continue to rinse it through cheesecloth until it runs clear. 7-10 times. Helps ensure it stays fresh longer.
  7. Put your butter on a cutting board, and work it with a spatula to get all the last liquid inside it out, just squish it with the spatula a few times.
  8. Add salt if you want salted butter.
  9. Voila~ your own homemade butter.


Most Helpful

I love making homemade butter and this is great. I did the jar method and we loved it. I didn't run water over it because I knew it would be gone in a day anyway. I am looking forward to using the buttermilk for pancakes tomorrow. I will try the food processor method when I make a bigger batch.

Margie99 March 11, 2012

Perfect - and I made it MYSELF! :) I only used about 6 oz. of cream, shaking it in the jar and it worked fairly quickly. Thanks for the easy way to make your own butter; I feel so virtuous! Thanks for sharing, MarraMamba!

alligirl February 28, 2012

Made this as an experiment in a 20 ounce jar , using the jar method. Actually the process of this is very simple, and no trouble at all. I made 4 pieces of toast (1 for each) as a test run to see how everyone likes it, and passed with flying colors. Can't wait to try it on something else in the future. Made for Holiday tag

weekend cooker April 05, 2011

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