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Super awesome, I'm in the process of making more sourdough as we speak and I noticed your link to this recipe, I'm so glad I did. We never buy margarine, personally I can't see who would want to eat something processed so much that it's an ingredient away from being plastic, yuck! We have always purchased real butter before and I thought this would be neat to try.

This was easy! I made our butter in about 5 minutes, nice little arm workout with all of that shaking. I used one of those GNC plastic cups to shake up the first batch of butter in and the pressure from all of the shaking made the top pop off and I had some of the whipped cream on the floor, myself, and the wall that I was standing next too, my fault. Once cleaned up I continued with what was left inside of the container and was pleased with the result. The second batch I found a screw top container which worked much better, we now have a little container on our counter with fresh butter and of course I had to try some on toasted sourdough bread that I made 2 days ago cause I couldn't wait for the fresh batch and I don't want to waste it. YUM YUM YUM!!!!

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ChrissyVas80 May 18, 2011

we kept shaking and shaking and after about 20 minutes, no butter or buttermilk. Instead we are taking it and making baked alaska out of it. Edit to post. We took our cream in a container to the paint shop and had them mix it in their paint mixing machine! That was the trick for us. great sweet cream butter. Served this on some buttermilk pancakes that was made with the leftover buttermilk. Great idea and great science project for my daughter!

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mini_1 September 29, 2006

I've made this recipe many times years ago when my kids were young. It never once failed. As a matter of fact, it was one of our most popular playgroup activities. The kids used to love spreading the fresh butter on freshly baked bread that they also helped to make.

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Whimsy September 29, 2006

You have to use the right kind of cream for making butter, or it won't turn out so well. It needs to be just cream without all those fillers (carageenan and such), and it should be at room temperature. I'm not sure if ultra-pasteurized works as well as just pasteurized or raw cream, so if you have trouble with ultra-pasteurized, you might try another type of cream. Cream used for butter making by hand (as opposed to with a blender or other appliance) is sometimes soured a little to make it easier to separate the butterfat from the liquid. If you want to try that, just let it sit out at room temperature for about 12 hours, give or take (depending on ambient temperature); adding a little buttermilk can help, too. Also, keep in mind that the buttermilk resulting from butter-making is completely different from the cultured "buttermilk" available in stores. The flavor and consistancy are different, and they may yield different results in baking, too.

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Halcyon Eve September 29, 2006

I've done this recipe several times, but admittedly, I'm too lazy to do the shaking. It works just as well using a hand mixer. Probably takes as long, but it's much less of a workout, especially if it's a class project for a bunch of 2 year olds.

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Amanda K. June 14, 2014

This was great,it was fun to do,it took about 9 min. total and tasted great.I cant wait to do it again.

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tisa p. June 08, 2010

I can't believe how easy this was! I've made ice cream in a Ziplock baggie, as well as in a 5 lb tub (kicking & rolling it around the cul-de-sac), but I've never even thought about making butter. I used the salt, but probably about 1/4 teaspoon only and used a sterilized pint size canning jar. Shaking it was killing me at about 4 minutes & it had gotten so thick I couldn't hear it moving anymore. I opened it & literally saw whipped cream! Since it was so thick now, I tried to pass it off on DS, my ultra-lazy teen who was still in bed at noon, but he claimed he was too tired to shake for even a minute. So I continued myself and within 30 seconds it all of a sudden sounded like liquid again! I looked through the jar & it was a big lump of fluffy butter floating in the buttermilk. AMAZING! The flavor is outstanding & I can't wait til tomorrow when we'll enjoy it on fresh lefse. Thank you for sharing such an incredible recipe, JB! Made & enjoyed for ZWT-6 Team Xtra Hot Dishes! :)

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**Tinkerbell** June 05, 2010

If you have a food processor, stop buying butter! Make your own! It's so easy, tastes great, and can be frozen! Plus, you can customize how thick you want it.

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somebodys_sweet_pea March 03, 2009

Now.. if a recipe requires a lot of shaking by hand, your kids are a little bit too little and also give up because they didn't see a result in 10 seconds what are you to do? Well, round up some unsuspecting adults and delegate! I had 6 guests over for a weekend lunch and I introduced a new game for them called: "pass the jar of butter and shake baby shake" LOL. Just as well that I had some help because my cream took more like 20 minutes to shake up .. it stayed a long time in the semi-starting-to-lump stage. But our guests were intreged and a little competive to see who would have success and kept passing it around until we got a result. Please see my Rating System: 4 stars for a recipe that we enjoyed making for fun, but for which sadly, I am way too lazy to attempt to make on a regular basis by myself. Taste was ok.. it kind of tasted like a buttery spread rather than the butter that I am used to. Definielty interesting for an older kid science project... preferably with a BIG class of kids to do the shaking LOL. (Made for Zaar World Tour 2008) Thanks!

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kiwidutch June 18, 2008

I made this the other night whilst watching TV. It did take much longer than 7 minutes, but when everything started to go buttery that part of it happened pretty quickly. A friend told me that you can use a plastic marble type thing in the jar - apparently that speeds up the process. I used 2 cups of cream and was left with 210g of butter - so less than your recipe states. I used heavy cream without the fillers etc & it wasn't ultrapasteurised. I ended up with about 1c of buttermilk. The resulting butter was lovely and would be great on fresh scones. Thanks. Made for ZWT4.

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LilKiwiChicken June 13, 2008
Homemade Butter