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After reading the other reviews, I decided to make half a batch, which I promptly made into two large bread bowls, they were the perfect size for our spicy lentil soup. They rose beautifully, large, tall and round like a ball. The bread was quick and easy to make, with a nice flavor, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It stood up beautifully to the soup. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Made for Spring Pac 2014.

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Baby Kato April 23, 2014

These were absolutely fabulous!. I made no changes at all. So soft and puffy. Have made them 6 times as bread bowls and rolls. If you had trouble getting your bread to rise then let it sit in the warm water a little. I put all the ingredients but the flour in my kitchenade. Let it mix on 1 for about a minute. (make sure the water is warm enough) Then I added the flour 1 cup at a time and mixed. Keep mixing for 8 min AFTER you add all the flour. Take out of your kitchenade form into a ball. Wrap tightly in saran wrap and watch it explode quite literally. It made 10 large breadbowls or 24 rolls.

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melissalewie June 21, 2013

Although these didn't turn out for the use I had in mind, my husband voluntarily told me not to lose the recipe. He liked both the prevalent yeasty taste and texture. That makes them a hit in my book any day! The bread rose beautifully and has a chewy texture with a lovely crust. All positives. I had planned to use these as bowls for a BLT salad. The finished product turned out the size of small hamburger buns and was too small for that purpose. I think in order to use as an actual bowl for a soup or salad the bread would need to be thicker; maybe only make half the bowls with the full amount of dough. Made for Spring Safari 2013 Pick A Chef.

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Susie D April 19, 2013

The taste of these is wonderful and the texture is perfect. They were a great compliment to the soup I made. I divided the dough into 8 bowls. However, they were much smaller than I wanted so I think next time I will try dividing the dough into 4 instead. Overall, I am very pleased with this recipe and I will definitely be making them again.

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junkmail February 27, 2013

This was amazing!!!!! They worked perfectly for our creamy vegetable soup, and I will definitely use this again! My family absolutely LOVED them! This is the first bread bowl recipe I've ever made, and I'm not trying any others! Thanks sooooooooo much for the recipe!

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delyanbaggins March 17, 2015

I made these yesterday. Great success. I first shaped rolls into 6 rolls (3 per tray) I let them over rise :(. But decided to pound down again and shpaed this time into 8 rolls. Once raised in about 45 min they raised to the perfect individual soup bowl, and baked about 18 min. Awesome! Served beef stew inside and got raves. This recipe is a keeper!

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Melissa P. February 08, 2016

Great dough! Easy to work with and rose really well. However, they were a little small. I followed the recipe and made them the size of tennis balls, but if I made these again I would definitely make the bread bowls bigger, so I could serve a larger amount of soup in them. Tasted great though!

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anniesnomsblog December 15, 2015

WOW. I will sometimes try to make a smaller batch of a new recipe (just in case...), so I did cut this recipe in half. It took a little more flour than the scaled amount called for. I ended up with approximately 24 oz of raw dough after the first rise, so made 3 rolls of approximately 8 oz each. Otherwise I followed the directions to the letter and could not have been more pleased. Great taste, clear instructions, an easy dough to work with, perfect bread bowls. Now if I just had some soup on hand. I was hoping to make soup and bread bowls for visiting relatives this winter, and this recipe is a home run! Thanks for posting it!

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eldeetx November 15, 2015

Never had or made one before and they turned out great. Used for a wild rice and mushroom soup. Made half the recipe and made two bowls.

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adopt a greyhound January 20, 2015

Definitely a success, and that is saying something for me! Made into four bowls, and they held up great for broccoli cheese soup. I would make these as smaller dinner rolls as well. This recipe is a keeper!

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Deejay0723 December 31, 2014
Homemade Bread Bowls