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I have 6 blackberry bushes in my yard.
Great recipe, but my family likes seedless jam.
I do one extra step, I strain the cooked down berries through a wire strainer and to get all the goodness out I push them through with a gravy ladle. Super simple and seedless.

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676505 August 23, 2011

My son LOVES blackberry jam, so I tried this out. It's GREAT! I did cheat and use frozen blackberries, but it was still wonderful.

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Melslack December 13, 2002

I set the grandchildren to picking wild blackberries and we made 1/2 the recipe just to try it. I thought it came out a bit too sweet and jelled just a bit too firm. The old saying for jam and preserves used to be "a cup of sugar to every cup of fruit." I think I'm going to try it that way and see how it does. The 7/5 ratio of sugar to fruit seems to overwhelm the taste of the fruit.

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Kitchencastaway August 03, 2014

This was the very first time I have ever "canned" anything in my entire 53 years and, oh boy, did I pick a winner. DH & I got up at 4:30 in the morning to be at the farmer's market for 5:30 when they opened in the hopes they would have fresh-picked blackberries. One man had some and I bought everything he had. I had enough berries to make two batches and I came out with 7-8 Ounce jars from each batch and about 2 cups left over that I just put in the refrigerator because I knew we would eat it right away so there was no need to process it in jars in the water bath. I cooked biscuits this morning, slathered them with the jam and all you could hear from me and DH were moans of ecstasy with each bite of biscuit - the flavor was truly heavenly and a wonderful taste that I remember from childhood. The only thing I did different is after I finished cooking the berries I removed it from the stove and skimmed off the foam that had accumulated on the top and let it sit for a total of 5 minutes before adding to the sterilized jars (I read this in a "canning" book). Also, since this recipe does not give any instructions on how to prepare the jars and lids if you are novice or "first time canner" like me be sure to read the guidelines on how to properly prepare the jars and lids. After removing all the jars from the water bath hearing the "pinging" was truly music to my ears. This recipe was so easy and right on target - thanks Mizz Nezz!

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Luby Luby Luby July 12, 2009

Delish! The only thing I changed was I used 4 1/2 cups of sugar. It turned out perfect! Thank you for sharing. I will definately make again.

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LeahMarie July 06, 2009

We have 80+ acres with wild blackberries everywhere and I'm so happy to have found this recipe. It's super simple and fast - I made 2 batches in about an hour. I used a gallon size bag of blackberries which gave me a bit over 5 Cups when crushed really well. I also used Dutch Gel from an Amish bulk food store - 1/3 Cup Dutch Gel to replace a package of pectin. I boiled my jars, lids and rings before filling them, screwed the lids on tight and waited for them to pop. I giggle every time I hear one pop.

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Brittany P. July 10, 2014

If I had to write this review in a few words - it would be WOW! and Delicious! Oh and very easy to do. We are a bit new at canning and this recipe was easy to do. I love the fact that I don't have to buy manufactured jams anymore! Thanks for a keeper :)

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Smilyn August 21, 2011

DH loves this jam it it's very easy to make. I've canned it twice already; the first time as instructed and the second time without seeds, he loves both but now the seeds don't get caught in his teeth. wish I could find a sugar free jam that tastes almost as good!

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Almosta Chef August 08, 2011

This was the second jam I ever made - it was very easy to make and my husband says it's the best jam he's ever tasted! The only hiccup (not related to the recipe though) was that we discovered to our horror that there were little larvae in the blackberries we picked from a pick your own farm. We fished out as many as we could, jokingly refer to the finished product as "high protein jam".

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Princess Pumpkin July 01, 2011

This is definitely a great recipe for jam. This was my first time canning and the instructions were very easy to follow. I did end up with quite a few berry chunks which my family doesn't really like so next time I will mash the berries in layers instead of trying to mash them all at once. Thanks for posting this recipe as I will be making it for years to come.

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hungrymama July 27, 2010
Homemade Blackberry Jam