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These are GREAT!!! My friend used them, and she said she would never go back to ordinary wipes again! I tried them once and liked them alot, but cant switch until I use up my couple boxes of wipes that I got on sale. These are great for babies with allergies to other wipes.

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~*Miss Diggy*~ September 25, 2002

I found a recipe similar to this one on Pinterest and wanted to make it up 1) because I needed an alternative way to clean off my makeup without irritating my skin and 2) because I wanted to be a tester for when my brand new grandchild arrives in October and have something on hand for Mommy to use. Having a cottage business in making toiletry products, I am well aware of what nasty products are put in baby soaps and bath oils.... enough to run the other way! To achieve a clean product, use natural oils like Coconut Oil, Palm, Jojoba oil or even Olive oil. I would really stay away from Baby oil, mineral oil and massage oils as they have way too many preservatives and smells. As much as we love the "baby" smell, lotions carry way too much smell and are not really needed in this recipe...just double up on the oils. I used Glycerine in exchange for the lotion and about 1-1/2 tsp white vinegar. To take it one step further, you could use grapeseed extract or vitamin E as a preservative. To prevent mold, start off with a clean container, use boiling water, but make sure hands are (relatively) clean before reaching for a wipe. Mold starts with exposure to air, so make sure that your container is water proof. I left for holidays for 10 days and took my wipes in a plastic bag and they survived without any mold. As for the results, I have never, ever found a commercial product that could duplicate the feel and condition of my skin. I would truly recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin!

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Abby Girl October 01, 2012

These work great. Thanks!

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drinkmore April 30, 2011

I can vouch for this "recipe" to be all that it claims. I was unsure how the vinegar would work but with scented lotion you could not tell it was there. I recommend it for someone who needs an alternative for allergy reasons but after pricing the blue shop towels that I used vs the Costco wipes... they were the same price so I will just buy those.

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Chef Tweaker May 12, 2010

We ran out of baby wipes a few days ago, but neither of us has had time to stop at the store to buy more since then. Paper towels wet with plain water have been getting us by, but I'd rather have something that will clean up the nastier messes a little bit better than that, not to mention leaving a pleasant scent behind. I made a batch of these as soon as I saw the recipe, and I think they're going to be perfect! (Although I did forget and leave out the vinegar, so I guess we'll just have to keep an eye out for mold spots this time around.) One suggestion: if you use the "select a size" paper towels like I did, you don't have to worry about cutting the roll in half or leaving lint balls on your baby. Just tear off the smallest size individual sheets and fold them in half, then put them into your container of choice and add the water solution.

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LadyAngel1124 January 13, 2010

I made these when my son was a baby and that was 14 years ago and used them for my second child. Saved a lot of money. Always kept some in the car and diaper bag, but in a smaller container. During these economic times, I made them for a young couple expecting their first child. I wrote the recipe on the container I put them in and gave the supplies as a gift, minus the vinegar

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The Motherchef April 17, 2009

These are awesome, I love them. I didn't have any baby oil so I used olive oil and it worked great. Thank you, I will never buy wipes again

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mmeleski February 12, 2009

Very easy to make and very inexpensive!

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mollypaul February 11, 2009

After much frustration from store-bought wipes, I searched and found this. I should have reviewed this long ago. My son constantly broke out in severe rashes from any store wipes, and in fact, all the medicated baby creams seemed to make it worse. Like Smilyn, I, too, used cloth. But, I made my own, which I wouldn't advise as it was very time consuming. This was the only thing that worked for my son. Word of caution, don't overuse the vinegar as that may be just as irritating for the baby, not to mention attracting lots of fruit flies!! It also is very economical, and, if you run out of the lotion, and have some on-hand, glycerine (sp?) works just as well and is very gentle. Thank you for a real lifesaver!

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Marla Jones January 04, 2009

I used this recipe on cloth wipes and it works just fine. I bought some cloth wipes off of e-bay, got them in and didn't know what to do with them. I remembered your recipe and mixed everything together. I let the wipes soak over night. After I use them, I throw them in with the cloth diapers for a double wash in the washing machine. Thanks! This helped alot and saved alot of $$

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Smilyn October 05, 2006
Homemade Baby Wipes