Homely Old-Time Dumplings

READY IN: 42mins
Recipe by HeatherFeather

These are the dumplings I make to serve with Chicken in Sour Cream Paprika Sauce. I originally got the recipe from "The Grassroots Cookbook" and have used this many times. These are ugly looking,odd ball shaped flour dumplings but they taste great with the chicken recipe or with a hearty stew ladled on top. I usually serve 2 dumplings per bowl. I usually cook these in boiling water, not broth. Prep time allows for bringing a pot of water to the boil - it only takes about 10 minutes to mix up the batter.

Top Review by Trixyinaz

WOW! These were great. I used water instead of broth and they tasted great. I served them with gravy on top (like my friend's mom does). They were just as good as her's (she's from Germany). I lived with them for a few months when I moved to CA and I loved this german meal. HF, I felt like I was eating hers. These were awesome. Thanks!

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  1. Make sure you have a large pot of water or broth heating up before you begin- you want to have it boiling by the time you are finished mixing the batter.
  2. Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt.
  3. Grab a fork in one hand, and have your milk in a small pitcher in the other hand.
  4. Slowly pour the milk into the flour mixture in a steady stream,while tossing very quickly with the fork to combine the ingredients just until they are moistened.
  5. Press out any big lumps, but the batter should not be perfectly smooth.
  6. Don't overmix or you'll end up with very pasty dumplings.
  7. Have a large potful of boiling water (or chicken broth) ready to go.
  8. Drop heaping spoonfuls of batter into the boiling liquid- you should have enough for 8-12 scoops (bearing in mind that they grow a bit while cooking).
  9. Cover firmly with tight lid and let cook 12 minutes exactly with no peeking under the lid (If your lid isn't very tight, the starchy liquid can seep out the sides).
  10. Scoop cooked dumplings out of pot using a slotted spoon and serve with stew ladled over them or add to soup.
  11. They will be large and look like wet,odd shaped balls- they aren't very attractive.
  12. To test for doneness, poke a drained dumpling with a toothpick- it should come out fairly clean and the middle of the dumpling should be tender but not goopy (you can also cut one in half).

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