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Recipe by Mom of Chef Mark

This recipe has grown a few strapping boys and delighted even the pickiest gal in the bunch. Our home is always full to overflowing on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the one recipe that is a "must" even if we don't do turkey. This has evolved over the years to try to hit everyone's preferences. It's my own invention! It tastes good as is or will serve well with southern cream

Top Review by MemphisMommy

I just made this (2 days before Thanksgiving), and am freezing it ahead of time. Let me tell you something folks, if you are even just contemplating making this you need to stop and just DO IT! Its sooo good. I did it EXACTLY as written...and it made ONE 13 x 9 pan and 2- 13 X 5 (oblong pans I have)full of stuffing. Of course I tasted it and it is to die for! I can't wait to serve it on Thursday! It wasn't hard to put together at all, although I don't have a Dutch Oven pan BIG enough for this recipe; so I browned everything in a very large deep dish frying pan from Calphalon, and added the three cups of cornbread to it, then I put 1/2 a stick of butter an a large pasta pot, added the rest of the cornbread , alternating w/ the frying pan mixture. (This is one reason I am making everything ahead of time, and freezing what I can so I don't have a mess and 1/2 in the kitchen to clean all at once-uuuggg.) I recommend usung butter, and not using margarine( margarine is bad for you anyway!). This isn't something to be counting calories with! Thanks 'Mom of Chef Mark' !!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Memphis Mommy aka Wendy

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  1. Preheat oven to 425 for cornbread.
  2. Place stick of butter in bottom of roasting pan and place in oven to melt it (This will allow the cornbread to"fry" while it's baking).
  3. Mix up corn bread mix according to package instructions (Usually, this will be the addition of 2/3 cups sweet milk and 1 egg per package of mix.) (Cornbread can be baked ahead, which I usually do the night before).
  4. When done, use a knife and score through the cornbread to make very small cubes.
  5. (You should have enough to be able to enjoy a few cubes of this buttered delight while it's still hot).
  6. Brown sausage in dutch oven.
  7. Add onions, celery and mushrooms and the other half stick of butter if you need more oil.
  8. Saute til sausage is done and onion is translucent.
  9. Add about 3 cups of cornbread and sage.
  10. Let brown a bit.
  11. Add rest of cornbread and stir well.
  12. Turn dressing from dutch oven into the roaster pan.
  13. Drizzle with chicken broth til nice and moist (This is a personal taste thing).
  14. Bake at 350 for about an hour or until golden brown.
  15. This makes enough for 24 to 30 servings depending on appetites.
  16. Is wonderful left-over.
  17. Your guests will even want to take some home with them.
  18. Freezes well.
  19. (I don't salt during cooking. Just place salt and pepper shakers on the table for those who want more than what's already there).

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