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These turned out WONDERFULLY!!! I had never tried making my own bagels and these were completely delicious, not to mention easy! As a reference, one Tablespoon equals 1/2 oz. I was afraid I had let them rise too long (after it doubled in size I realized I didn't have time to finish them and I had to throw it in the fridge for a few hours while I ran errands) - but they turned out just fine. I topped half with sesame seeds and half with sunflower seeds. I will DEFINITELY be making these again!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

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princessbride029 June 21, 2010

So, this recipe is amazing. I've never made bagels before, but I've done this twice now and my bagels are just delicious! They're still soft and chewy the next day (I microwave mine for 30 seconds before I slather on the cream cheese!). The first time I made these, I followed the instructions exactly. The second time, I did a little bit of altering (some based on other reviewers). I do the dough in my bread machine on the dough cycle (laying from the bottom up: warm water, 1 T salt, 2 cups of bread flour, 3 T sugar, the rest of the flour, and then yeast on top). I used brown sugar and this yielded in a chewier and slightly richer "plain" bagel. Also, I boiled my bagels for 40 seconds per a side, brushed with egg whites, and baked them for 28 minutes on one side, and then flipped for 8 minutes on the other (so that my bottoms would be more brown the the tops). I haven yet to make any flavored bagels, but my husband is begging for a sun-dried tomato and I want to try a blueberry one. The dough is sooooo easy to work with!! Thanks so much for sharing Karen!!! I have given up on going out and buying bagels anymore when I can make them so much for so much cheaper (and they're easy!) at home.

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flirtyfunchick January 05, 2010

Excellent recipe with great details! I would add, for those of us who have bulk yeast and not in the little packages, that the "2 packages yeast" equals .50 ounces of yeast, or 1/2 oz. :) Thanks!

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Red Maven September 06, 2009

Totally Awesome! I typically saute 1 onion and then throw that in the food processor so that the onion flavor gets mixed through out. Sometimes I like to add 4 TBS of baking soda to the boiling water, bake and then add pretzel salt so that they are like pretzel bagels!

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I <3 Anthony Bourdain January 24, 2009

The dough for this wonderful recipe made up well in my bread machine. The ounces converted to 3 Tablespoons of sugar and 1 Tablespoon of salt. If you like green olives, 3 or 4 chopped olives in 4 oz of softened cream cheese is a nice option for a spread. I enjoyed preparing and eating these bagels. Thank you!

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wifemomflorist October 23, 2006

These bagels turned out super yummy! It was my first time making homemade bagels and I like some others used part whole wheat and part all purpose flour. I also added some dried basil, oregano, and crushed red peppers to the dough and they are savory and delicious!

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maryringgold June 06, 2010

DH wants me to give you more stars! By the time my DS and his tribe ran thru the kitchen, I only had 4 left to photograph. I got 11 bagels and wish I would have made a double batch as you suggested. We topped ours with different combinations to suit everyone's taste. I measured out my sugar and salt after weighing to be about 7 tsp sugar and 1 tsp salt. These are so easy and just fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Brenda

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Brenda. December 28, 2008

This was a really EASY, very Yummy recipe. I will say that working with bread is challenging. takes some trial and error. I weighed the flour as I was working with wheat and all-purpose. (150 gram/cup and 130 grams/cup respectively) I liked the way the bagels turned out when I let them boil a little longer in more vigorous water You can watch them plump. I noticed that the ones that had rested after I put holes in them turned out better than the first batch. I also added come molasses to the water 'cause others added honey and I didn't have any. At any rate this was a really good recipe. My sister awoke to lovely smells and a great breakfast. Definitely making it again. Bookmarking it right now

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chkngeorge July 18, 2011

I've never made anything with a yeast dough before, and this was totally doable. Took way less than 35 minutes in my gas oven though. Also, I added a bit of water to the egg wash so it brushed on smoother and I added a bit of brown sugar to the boiling water based on other recipes I had read. Thanks for this.

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ervigile January 16, 2011

My son and I made these today. I have not worked much with yeast/bread type recipes, but these are as easy to make as everyone is saying. We made half plain and half garlic and cheddar. My son had to leave before they were done, and the first thing he did when he go home was eat two of them. We are already planning our next baking session and other flavors we are going to try. Thanks Karen for this easy delicous recipe!!

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BevyO August 13, 2009
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