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Wonderful flavor, lemon sauce was a big hit, plus whipped cream. Yum! EASY to make. Not too sweet. Just right. I used Ginger Crisp apples. They softened right up. I didn't get the caramelized apple flavor mentioned by Brandess. Was that because my apples were too juicy?

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1st-Marilyn September 23, 2008

am baking this for a apple dessert contest at our senior center, have made this for my family and it's a favorite,been trying the sauces to go with and so far the maple and cinnamon are a favorite(I like the lemon) I used a variety of the apples..good stuff!

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PatFitz0329 September 03, 2008

I made this recipe exactly as written with one deviation: I baked the cake in an 8" round cake pan. This recipe is a snap to put together and cost me about $7.00. I made this incredibly aromatic cake for a neighbor and was able to have a slice with them. This cake has a medium density texture, which is moist and flavorful. The apples have a wonderful caramelized, not too sweet flavor. The baking time is just right, as the apples have a slight al dente' bite that is very pleasing to the palette. After about an hour, I returned home from delivering the cake. I opened the door to the most delicious aroma of the cake! Gone are the days when you bake cookies for an open house- now you bake Molly's Dutch Apple Cake!

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Brandess August 22, 2008

This did taste quite good but the problem for me was that there wasn't any sugar at all in the dough so the sweetness only came from the caramelized apples. I think I will make it again, as I loved the apples, but I'll add some sugar to the dough.

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Ginger Rose January 06, 2009
Hollandsche Appel Koek - Dutch Apple Cake