Holiday Vinegar

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504hrs 20mins
20 mins
504 hrs

I haven't made this vinegar yet, but it will make really pretty holiday gifts. The cranberies in the vinegar will tint white vinegar a pretty pink color. Recipe originally printed in local newspaper Cook time is infusing/waiting time (3 weeks).

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  1. Place several sprigs of rosemary in the empty bottle.
  2. Trim skewer to fit bottle, if necessary.
  3. Thread cranberries onto skewer, leaving 1 inch empty.
  4. Place skewer in bottle, with the empty portion on top.
  5. Fill bottle with vinegar and seal with cork.
  6. Place bottle in a cool, dark place for a couple of weeks before using.
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Really can't rate the flavor yet but I am sure it will be 5 stars. Made 2 of these, 1 for gift giving and one for myself. They are really pretty bottles and so quick to put together. The second picture is 2 days after and they are turning a very nice pink. I am going to take another pic on the weekend after it sat for 7 days. Can't wait to try this in a nice salad. Thanks for sharing ellie_ UPDATE: Yep definitely a 5 star. The color was gorgeous when it finished sitting and the flavor was absolutely delicious over a salad. I definite vinegar to make again.

Just a comment - I haven't made this yet, but since Rosemary stalks can be used as skewers, one could put two stalks of Rosemary in this - one with leaves and one without, and skewering the cranberries. That would eliminate that bamboo skewer that has no other purpose! Just an idea!

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I made this just in time to include some in a gift basket for my parents at Christmas. Like Jude said, it is just gorgeous...Mom and I both loved that red sparkle in the bottles. I don't know what all my parents have tried it on or in yet, but I've used it in a number of things that called for vinegar and either rosemary or cranberries with excellent results. I don't have very much left so I'll have to keep it in mind to make again when my rosemary comes on this season. Thank you for sharing such a simple and delightful recipe Ellie!