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Holiday Pumpkin Pie banishes bland pumpkin pie forever! I love freshly-baked pumpkin and have been baking sugar pumpkins all this fall. Unfortunately, I did not have the oven space (or time) to roast a fresh pumpkin on Thanksgiving Day, so I used canned pumpkin puree. I mixed up Holiday Pumpkin Pie Spice the day before and would never be tempted to substitute its excellent blend of flavors for ready-made versions. Make sure not to skip squeezing fresh lemon juice in the filling; it adds a pleasant freshness that is undetectable as lemon after being baked. My family has a penchant for pumpkin tarts, so I poured the fragrant filling into muffin pans lined with my own tart crust recipe (1 cup butter, 6 ounces softened cream cheese, 2 cups all-purpose flour blended together). The raw crust baked to flaky perfection while the filling caramelized to be rich and creamy in the full sixty-five minutes (usually, the pumpkin tarts bake in forty minutes but the canned pumpkin was moister than freshly roasted pumpkin and with the liquid additions of maple syrup, lemon juice, and spirits, the mini pies took twenty-five more minutes to set.) Holiday Pumpkin Pie filling developed a shiny golden glaze that I have never achieved with any other pumpkin pie recipe. Maple syrup caramelizes much better than brown sugar alone does. It is worth spending a little more money on good quality brandy and rum for a big improvement in flavor (I used one tablespoon of each in the filling). Since good brandy is very expensive, I purchased one 50 ml mini bottle of Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP. (Champagne Cognac is another name for brandy from the Cognac region of France). Also, I used Bacardi Select Dark Rum. My mom adores the topping. She would be perfectly satisfied to eat it by itself for dessert, and I dollop the topping on several other seasonal treats. Thank you, Spice Guru, for a first-class finale for my Thanksgiving feast!

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Garden Gate Kate December 01, 2014
Holiday Pumpkin Pie