Holiday Morning Breakfast Casserole (Crock Pot)

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Total Time
10hrs 15mins
15 mins
10 hrs

This is an adaptation from Tom & Candy's recipe. I have made this twice for Thanksgiving breakfast for the school teachers and always get lots of compliments....and requests for the recipe. You can switch out the meat for any type of breakfast meat you might like.

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  1. Spray your crock pot with cooking spray!
  2. Place layer of frozen potatoes on the bottom of the slow cooker, followed by a layer of meat, then cheese.
  3. Repeat the layering process two or three more times, ending with a layer of cheese.
  4. Beat the eggs, milk and pepper together.
  5. Pour over the Crock pot mixture, cover and turn on low.
  6. Cook for 8-10 hours.