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Very easy cake to make, extremely delicious and superbly moist, i made half the recipe but wish i made the whole of it because the cake only lasted two days. I made it in a casserole dish, it was just the right amount however the temperature was too high - it nearly burnt the top whilst the middle was complete liquid, but that problem is easily fixed by putting it on a very low heat.

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*Dani* September 16, 2007

This was fantastic! I made 24 mini cakes with the wilton "mini wonder mold" for my sisters winnie the pooh themed baby shower (to make perfect little bee hives). I used a powdered sugar glaze and little candy bees. The guests couldn't get enough. Thanks so much.

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Michelle Zawoysky June 03, 2007

I love honey cakes and I wanted to try this cake to use up some whiskey I had in the cupboard. What a delicious cake! You can taste a mere hint of whiskey in the finished product, just enough to make you sit up and ask, "What is that flavouring?" I baked it in a 9" x 13" pan but I like that it can also be baked as loaves; so handy when I want to bring treats to work or just put away something in the freezer for just in case visitors come unexpectedly. Thanks for sharing, Chia!

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Irmgard September 23, 2006

This was a very good honey cake! We found it to be flavorful and moist. I used 1 cup coffee (on the strong side) and 1/4 cup orange juice as my extra liquid. I also toasted the almonds. The only thing I would change would be the pan I made the cake in. I used a bundt cake since the recipe says this is fine. Since there is no way to line the pan with parchment paper, I greased and floured the pan well. It was very difficult to remove the cake from the pan. When the cake finally came out, a layer of the top was left in the pan. Luckily the top was pretty evenly gone so it actually looked somewhat ok. Also, when I removed the pan from the oven after baking, I found that some of the batter had overflowed into the center hole of the bundt pan while cooking. A positive side to the overflow was that I was able to get a preview tasting of the cake! Next time I will either make a sheet cake or a tube cake if I can figure out how to line it with parchment paper. I still think this recipe deserves 5 stars despite the mishaps.

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aviva October 09, 2005

This was a HIT!! at my weekly Women's Church Meeting. It was my first time at a meeting, and made this up in 2 loaf pans, and sliced it up. And they loved it!!!! Great taste, not too sweet, and not bland that you'd need to add anything. Great Great Great!!

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crazycookinmama October 19, 2004

Very good cake! I was a little nervous when I was adding honey, brown sugar and gran. sugar - afraid it might be too sweet. But it was wonderful. I used coffee a&1/4) and the orange juice as my liquid. I took it to a pot luck and a lady sitting beside me ate a slice of it and was telling others at the table how good it was (and she did NOT know I had brought it!!)

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Trisha W October 04, 2004
Holiday Honey Cake