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I didn't believe the small amount of milk, and in fact used more, but far less than I would have expected: about a tablespoon. I used thin sandwich sliced ham and diced it finely. The result reminded me of a restaurant chain's cheddar biscuits, but different, too; and the small size invites popping one carelessly in your mouth each time you pass. (They don't have calories, do they?) Loved them!

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Lavender Lynn August 13, 2010

These were fabulous! I used leftover ham from Christmas and I didn't have any spicy brown mustard so I used ballpark mustard and a added a few shakes of cayenne to the dough.....it was great but next time I try it I will try the spicy brown mustard. I made a third of the recipe and it was just the right amount for the two of us. Thanks for posting! Made for Please Review My Recipe cooking tag game.

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linguinelisa January 02, 2013

Made as written, with just a touch more milk to hold together. Although the taste was a fantastic combination. the balls themselves were too dense. This could have been from overhandling in order to keep them together, will try more milk and less handling next time. Made for PRMR 12/10.

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davianng December 17, 2010

Very interesting! I also had an issue with them staying together and had to add some more milk. I think next time I'll add some granulated garlic too.

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Sam #3 November 25, 2009

Just what I was looking for to use up some left over ham. I had a hard time getting the balls to stay together so I added a tiny bit more milk.... when it come to hamburgers or meatballs or any sort of "formed" food I can be VERY impared in that region. Made these for an appy party tonight, but I had to test one before I gave them away and they were pretty darn good. I'll try this with other cooked then grated meat and tell you how it goes!

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anme April 11, 2007
Holiday Ham Balls