Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

This is something my grandma used to make when i was little and i loved it!! It is sausage with tomato soup cabbage and vegs it is amazing! You can basically put what ever veg. you like in it i usually put potatoes, green beans, corn, cabbage, sausage, and tomato soup.

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  1. chop up the cabbage put it in a big pot filled with water and let it boil until its done.
  2. cut up the potatoes and put it in with the cabbage.
  3. fry up the sausage.
  4. once the cabbage and potatoes are done strain but keep about 2-3 cups water.
  5. then add the strained sausage and the rest of the ingrediants.
  6. The longer you let it simmer the better it tastes! For a personal prefrence in my own bowl i usually add a little hot sauce.


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