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This is going to be my go-to sub sandwich roll recipe from now on! I did it the lazy way though using my bread machine to do a dough cycle. I halved the recipe and used 4 1/2 cups AP flour with 2 TB olive oil since that's the only oil I had on hand, but loved the taste so I'll make it with olive oil again definitely. After the dough cycle finished, I did the thing with slitting the tops and letting them rise on the pan for another 20 minutes covered in paper towels. (I'm ghetto.) I also wanted a little variation, so I put sesame seeds on one roll, poppy seeds on another, and garlic granules on another...you can put nearly anything on the tops for variety really. I baked them for 15 minutes at 400F, perfection!

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the80srule August 28, 2011

No doubt, these hoagie rolls are the real thing. Made them the 1st time today, turned out fantastic. Even my daughter liked them! If yours came out to dense or to small, I suggest on the following: Don't skimp on the yeast, the proofing really helps later with the rise since we use the oil. Really thorough kneading helps as well. Make sure you dough is easy to knead, if not add warm water. Let it rise, let it rise....cover with lid (yeast does not like draft from the A/C) in a warm place 80 F until at least double or more of the original volume. I took the 18 count recipe, halved the ingredients and made only 8 rolls of it instead of nine (easier to divide) and rolled them out to about candy bar size "logs". Let it rise again, 80 F, no draft, until more than double the size 30-40 min - then in pre-heated oven. Giving the rise enough time, temperature and no drafty air is really the key. LOVE THEM ...will be a staple, for sure.

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HubertF November 29, 2010

This is my favorite bread recipe! I usually make 16 rolls (it's just easier to divide). If you place them far enough apart on the cookie sheet, they will get a nice crust. If you put them on with sides barely touching, you get rolls that are softer. I bake these into hoagie rolls for hubby's fav French Dip or I make dinner rolls with the dough and bake in a lasagna pan. To make the bread more flavorful, I double the oil and steep herbs or garlic in it while I'm proofing the yeast. Add flour until the dough is no longer sticky, but still really pliable. If you over knead, you WILL get tough bread! Thanks for a great basic recipe, Hansen!

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Heidigal September 12, 2010

Great recipes. I scaled the recipe to 10 rolls and followed recipe using King Arthur unbleached bread flour. I added a few shakes of garlic/herb/cheese mixture and put the whole batch into bread machine. It did not need all of the water (again, using the scaled amount)- just enough to let mass of dough in bread machine come together in a cohesive, slightly moist mass that forms a ball around the bread machine paddle. It rose beautifully and was a terrific base for meatball sandwiches. Thanks for sharing this one!

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jfmull March 22, 2011

These rolls are so good! I divided the recipe in half and made the dough in my bread machine. I sprinkled the tops with garlic salt before I baked them. They came out perfectly crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. I'm making roast pork sandwiches with au jus. I can't wait to dip them in the sauce! Thanks for the recipe!

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Lucky Clover February 23, 2011

Went exactly by the recipe except made 16 rolls. Weighted out 8 cups of flour (1,000g) and incorporated into the dough and used another 1/2 cup while kneading the dough. 110° water in the amount called for was used. The rolls were baked in 2 ovens. One oven took 16 minutes and the other took 19 minutes so check your rolls as you cook them. The rolls turned out great - light and fluffy on the inside and crusty on the outside. They were used for grilled bratwurst and homemade sauerkraut sandwiches with Dijon mustard. I will definitely make this recipe again.

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rdtripp January 02, 2011

Love these rolls! This recipe is so easy. I made it without any changes the first time and they were great. Since then I've tweaked it with my usual bread recipe changes (a little potato flour, a little vital wheat gluten), but that's just to put my own spin on it. These rolls are my favorite for sandwiches, especially Italian beef. For anyone who has trouble making bread I cannot recommend highly enough to weigh your flour and not to use measuring cups (125 grams or 4.41 oz of flour per cup).

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mntypythn3077 November 28, 2010

These are delicious! I sprinkled some parmesan cheese and garlic powder on top before baking. I decided to make sausage and peppers for dinner and had no rolls, and I remembered that I had this recipe saved. Nothing is better than fresh bread! Thank you!

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Sugar Fairy July 02, 2011

Easy to make, excellent texture and flavor despite my using old yeast packets%u2026 creating smaller, denser, flatter rolls than I was hoping for%u2026didn%u2019t want to waste, and since my Husband loved them regardless, I will definitely use this recipe again (with the good yeast!). Love these rolls!

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GirlFreitag February 21, 2011

Delish and easy! Thanks for sharing!

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adiehaskins December 31, 2010
Hoagie Rolls