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YUMMY!!!! I love the filling in this. And I think that by making 4 layers you get more of the flavor of the cake the way it's supposed to be. It was easy to make. Try this!!

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MizzNezz February 11, 2002

i love making a version of this in a jelly roll pan. I divide up the cake in quarters. i then spread the cream filling in between three layers. Top it off with the final quarter, and frost. I have also, tried this using orange and banana cakes. They were wonderful. Everyone at work and home raves about the cake. Thank-you

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betty erickson July 25, 2002

This was a great recipe. I usually make cakes from scratch, but this one probably needs a cake mix as they're a bit firmer than a moist scratch cake. I did like another reviewer and made it in a jelly roll pan. It was a cinch to cut it in 4 and frost the different layers. I used Fudge Frosting and HIGHLY recommend that with this recipe. It tasted just like a ho-ho. Yummy!

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Chef SuzyQ June 07, 2010

This cake is excellentas is and my family loved it. The first time I made it, I followed the recipe exactly and it was wonderful. I made the cake last week, but I used the 'Betty Crocker Whipped frosting'---"Whipped Cream" flavored frosting in a container for the filling. It was absolutely fantastic and tasted just like the filling in the recipe. Also saved me alot of time.

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maryann02 September 18, 2009

(Nov. 15, 2007)I didn't realize that I hadn't rated this. I used dark chocolate cake mix and dark chocolate icing. I nuked the icing to pour it over the cake. I didn't need all of the icing so next time I'll take some out first. I made it in July for a family members birthday. I had two more birthdays in August and they both wanted this cake. This was seriously good and seriously chocolaty. I have a feeling this will be the birthday cake of choice for many years. Thank you for a family favorite. (added) This is the cake to make when you forget you mil's birthday!

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cookee monster August 08, 2008

I went with the suggestion of betty erickson and made a 4 layer cake which reduced the baking time to 15-20 minutes and made for a very tall cake. I also liked the suggestion of Rachie P & would substitute fresh brewed coffee to bring up the chocolate flavor in the cake next time. The recipe directions were on point and the filling turned out great, kids & DH loved their Valentine's Day cake. I used the Fudge Frosting recipe and if/when I make this again, I would make a ganache over the entire finished cake for a nicer presentation. I really don't care for store bought frosting and heeded the "regret" of other reviewers in having done so. Thanks for sharing, these would make nice cupcakes with the filling piped in too!

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Larawithoutau February 15, 2013

I made this for my sisters birthday. Very delicious! I made it in a 10X15 and divided it into four layers for a layer cake like some others suggested. It worked great. I needed two cans of frosting though. If I had more time I would have made homemade frosting. Either way the cake was enjoyed by all! I had made a similar Ho Ho cake recipe years ago but the filling in this one was much better.

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klaupan January 13, 2013

This is a delicious cake. My husband was wary... we consider ho-hos to be fairly mediocre. After trying one of these he declared it to be dangerous and claimed I was trying to kill him w/ tasty baked goods. The only change I made was to use butter flavored shortening cause 1) it's what I have on hand and 2) I think ho-ho filling is kind of bland and could use the help of buttery goodness. I lied, I also made them into little cupcake layer cakes instead of one large cake.

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Smarahcakes October 09, 2011

This was good - not earthshatteringly good, but pretty good. Maybe because hohos are not my favorite hostess treat. I added about 3/4 cup of marshmallow fluff to the goo because that's the main ingredient in the copycat Hostess cupcake recipe I have. I also added some more salt to the filling because of reviews that said it was tasteless. Otherwise made it according to directions. Kids liked it.

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sheepdoc June 26, 2011

This cake knocked it out of the park! I had my doubts as I was making the filling. When you first start mixing the ingredients together, it looks like a lumpy mess. The shortening and liquid is totally separated, but the longer you mix it, the creamier it becomes. The cake tastes just like a Ho-Ho.

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Jazz Lover March 22, 2011
Ho Ho Cake