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Wow, I LOVE this recipe!! I made it once for the fam, and they just inhaled it so quickly. But I really do recommend that you let the dough sit in the fridge overnight so to give sufficient time for the yeast to rise. I noticed a dramatic change in taste on day 1 and day 2 for the dough. D1 dough tasted flat, too starchy (potato-ey), and dense, while D2 proved to be fluffly, easier to worok with, and simply--just right. Oh, and I also replaced the brown sugar with honey powder (found in Korean markets), and before closing up my dough ball, I would squeeze a dollop of honey over the honey powder so to help speed up the melting process for the syrup formation. Adding even just a bit of syrup over your brown sugar will help! :) Awesome, awesome recipe! I just made more last night, to enjoy after tonight's dinner. ^.^ yipee~ I also suggest adding ground peanuts into the filling. I hear using 1/4 rice flour and 3/4 flour helps create a chewier texture. I will try this next time. When flattening the dough, I oil my hand liberally so the dough doesn't stick unto my hand, and then flatten on top of a greased board, spread it about .5cm thick, and then put two large tablespoons of filling, add a bit of honey, and then fold over all corners into a round ball. On the skillet, I lay the round ball atop a layer of hot oil, and after about 15-30 sec., I flip it over and THEN flatten as much as possible. I heat it over med heat for a bit so to melt the sugar and the dough to fully cook. I also tried it with red bean paste, and that tastes very good as well. >.<

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chonglet December 22, 2006

I have also been looking for this recipe. I made it up as soon as I found the recipe. I decided to cook some of the cakes on my Gorge Forman Grill. The grilled cakes are on the left, and the fried ones are on the right. I preferred the taste of the grilled cakes.

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IronChefArtemslore July 03, 2005

Thank you so much for the recipe! My Korean wife has made them from boxed kits and were very good, but this one is more like the street vendors in Korea!

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JThurston259 November 14, 2011

I was in Korea and had this for the first time. AWESOME. The only thing different is that here after cooking it they cut it open and put sunflower seeds inside. Sounds odd but is worth it. It wasn't cut into to pieces just enough room to stuff the seeds.

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elbare August 24, 2011

Honestly, no offense but if you make the Hoddeok recipe like this you are seriously missing out. This comes close, it really does but I can direct you to a much much better recipe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmThacBaitw Or just search for AerisKitchen on youtube. Go to videos and on page two I believe will be the step by step video and ingredients list. Enjoy. :D

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PaulMichaelTM October 01, 2008

i used this recipe as a side for lunch, and instead of making this a sweet snack, i turned it into a savoury delight which was equally good. i omitted the sugar and cinnamon, and added scallions, corn and salt&pepper to taste. paired up with hotsauce, it was an excellent side dish.

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smellycat March 19, 2007

Great recipe! It takes a very long time to prepare but the yield is so huge and delicious that the hard work pays off. My mom is Korean and so she was able to help hone the part after the dough is removed from the fridge. The filling could have probably used a little less cinnamon since it was a little over powering. Make sure that you flatten the dough pretty thin or else the outsides will be all dough. Use a liberal amount of filling on each ho dduk. When flattening the ho dduk in the skillet you are looking to get it to the thickness of about 1/2 inch or so. These are definitely best hot off the skillet. Thanks for publishing this gem of a recipe!

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Trs September 15, 2006

Not Quite the same but like said, probably as close as you can find. Be sure to fry in a liberal amount of oil for better replication.

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Dani Jean February 13, 2006
Ho Dduk (Korean Pancakes)