READY IN: 10mins
Recipe by BrotherAdso

This is incredibly simple, quite nutritious, and amazingly tasty for a four-ingredient wrap. It has the following prosaic origin: It's hot out. No oven should be turned on. And my refrigerator is broken. Hummus needs to be used. Fresh greens and tomatoes must go. And I am hungry. Voila!

Top Review by shroomsandfu

Ah yes, a summer favorite of mine. This reminds me of a cute little dready girl dragging a cooler on wheels aound a festival shouting, "vegi-hummus wraps!", and makin' 'em on the spot w/ all the fixin's for $3. I'll take mine with the spicy hummus, and extra mushrooms...


  1. Spread hummus thickly on tortillas.
  2. Chop tomato into chunks, place on the hummus.
  3. Chop cumumber into small chunks or slices, place on hummus.
  4. Shred the romaine, put on the top layer.
  5. Add more hummus if deisred.
  6. Dash lemon pepper over all if desired.
  7. Roll up and nosh,.

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