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OH, we loved this!! The cake is moist and very good with the pineaple mixed in. The toping is sweet and crunchy. I didn't change anything in this recipe. It's a perfect cake when you need something fast and easy! I will make this one again---and again---and Thanks Miss Annie!! Another winner!

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MizzNezz October 07, 2002

Very good cake! I left off the walnuts(for the picky kids) and it still tasted great. Will make this again whenever I need a quick dessert. Thanks.

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karenway April 04, 2003

My kids liked this, and so did I - my husband didn't. I used 1 3/4 c. whole wheat flour instead of the 2c. white flour (a substitution that has worked for me in the past). I felt it worked fine, but hubby's major complaint was that it was too wet in texture, so I apologize if the cake is usually not wet. I loved the brown sugar on top.

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evewitch July 30, 2003

I used self rising flour, not sure if that effected the taste or not, but we didn't care for this. Thanks for sharing though, it's always fun to try new recipes.

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armymomx2 June 29, 2011

Cakes don't come any moister or sweeter than this one. It was really good. Next time I will cut back on the light brown sugar in the topping. I followed another chef's suggestion and added 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

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Marie Nixon October 01, 2010

MMMMMMMMM....Is what comes to mind when I think of this cake. So moist and crunchy and sweet and almost gooey. I followed the directions exactly, except for the topping which I was indecicive about. I love both nuts and coconut, what to do? So, I did a 1/2 cup of each and it was soooooo yummy. This is very tasty with a good cup of coffee or anything else for that matter. Thanks for the recipe, I will absolutly make this again.

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pahealthymom May 11, 2010

I made this for a family dinner and it was a big hit. Everyone now has the recipe and it served at every family function. If I don'take it someone else is sure to do so. It is sweet moist and crunchy. My 98 year old Grandmother thinks it is the best cake she has ever eaten and she is a sweet eater so she would know. We all would rate this more like a 10 instead of a 5.

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michele2494 July 17, 2008

This is quite the most delicious pineapple cake there is. Not having any walnuts I decided on coconut which gave this a tropical flavour. Thank you for a recipe that is going to be a firm favourite in our household!

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Bokenpop aka Madeleine February 27, 2005

Wow! Outrageously good quick cake. It's moist and tender inside, the topping's slightly crunchy, and the walnuts toast perfectly by the time the cake's done. The pineapple in it is surprisingly good. It's attractive looking and good both hot and cold. I substituted sucanat (unrefined cane sugar) for brown sugar and used a soft wholewheat pastry flour for the flour. I didn't have crushed pineapple so crushed chunks with a potato masher. I also added 1 teaspoon vanilla, and used 1/4 cup butter and 1/4 cup water instead of 1/2 cup butter. For the batter I drained the pineapple and brought the juice and the butter/water to a boil. This was stirred briefly into the mixed dry ingredients. Then I stirred in the pineapple, which had the eggs and vanilla beaten into it. (Technique adapted from the most recent Joy of Cooking's Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake). This method works really well with ww pastry flour. I greased but did not flour a non stick pan. Am really glad to have this recipe. An instant favorite. Try it if you like pineapple upside down cake!

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pumacreek January 23, 2005
HillBilly Cake