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This was a delicious recipe. I was a little confused when the instructions said to spoon or shape the batter in a circle. My batter was so thin I could only pour it and it resulted in thin pancakes very crepe-like but still flavorful and moist and tender.
My kids devoured these with fresh blackberries and whipped cream. The addition of vanilla and cinnamon gave these a new kick for breakfast.

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danlynclark August 06, 2012

These are REALLY GOOD!! I started making them for my son who is a picky eater and likes pancakes, but needs to eat more protein. Pretty soon he was making them for himself. I now have the dry ingredients mixed up and stored in a canister so they can be made even faster on school mornings. I use the recipe for myself also, as it fits in great with my weight-loss program (Lean for Life) I make half the recipe for myself (I add one packet of Splenda, since I don't use syrup) and mix it in a Pyrex measuring cup with my immersion blender. Very fast, it is ready to go by the time the griddle is heated. I think I'll try some sweetened fat-free ricotta cheese and fruit with them next time I make them. Thanks for a great, healthy recipe.

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Soup Queen November 09, 2008
High Protein Pancakes