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Tasty! This recipe was simple and delicious. I made mini-muffins and they turned out great. Because of the size, they dry out quicker than the bread probably does but you can dampen them and heat them in the microwave and all's well. I used 1/4 c. blackstrap molasses and 1/4 c. sugar to boost the nutrient value and that worked well. Next time, I'll probably ditch the sugar altogether and just go with molasses. Also I'll try them with raisin bran cereal to give me raisins *and* prunes. Thanks Oolala!

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RedFarmGirl May 09, 2013

This was very very good!! I did not put the nuts in, but next time I will, Super moist. I did add about 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. I can't seem to bake anything without adding vanilla, lol. I added hot water to the prunes and let them sit in the fridge over night, they plumped right up. I also had to add more water to make 2/3 cup of prune juice. Next time I will buy prune juice to add to the prunes when soaking. Now the cereal, I only had raisian bran cereral, so that worked really well. I also let the cereal soak in the buttermilk, juice ,sugar and egg for about 1/2 hour so the cereal was nice and moist. Plus I added 2 Tablespoon olive oil. It came out so nice! Flavor was very very good! Thank you so much for this winner! This goes right to the top on yummy fiber breads to make.

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michEgan January 15, 2007
High Fiber Prune Bread