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This is such a great energy mix!!!! It is quick to make, wonderful to look at, healthy, versatile and best of all so yummy! I scaled the recipe down to serve 3 people and still this made quite a lot, which is perfect as it is such a great snack! I used dried cherries in place of the apricots like WI Cheesehead and included the optional mangoes. In place of some of the pumpkin seeds I used sesame seeds. I really enjoy the flavours of all fruits, the seeds and almonds together. So good! Didnt include the cayenne this time as I wasnt looking for anything hot, but might add it next time. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful recipe with us, Sharon! Made and reviewed for 1-2-3-Hit-Wonders April 2010.

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Lalaloula April 24, 2010

Super easy to make and tastes great without any added seasoning. I used dark raisins, cherries for the apricots (no mango), 1/3 C almonds, 1/3 C cashew pieces and no extra seasoning. This is great for putting in my husband's lunch. I might also add some homemade granola to his portion. You could also add some coconut, but it IS high in sat. fat and we don't like coconut here. Note: I tried the sugar mix from Spiced Pecans and it pairs well with this recipe. I've made this many times and have put the recipe into my book#234006. Thanks Sharon!

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WI Cheesehead December 30, 2008

Just what I needed to keep in my office for late afternoon snacks, so I don't overeat at dinner. I added 2/3 cup cashews and used a full teaspoon of cayenne. It still isn't super spicy so don't be timid. The best part about this is the portioning. I've purchased similar Archer Farms mixes at Target and open the bag and just start eating. Now seeing the size of the 1/3 cup portions I realize that I was eating...well, let's just say...numerous portions. Plus this is fun to make! Thanks Sharon123!

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FLKeysJen January 16, 2008
High Energy Mix