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Thank you SO much for adding this recipe. I have struggled with my 19 month old's weight since birth. I was finally making headway with him eating better when he started teething molars and he lost all interest in solid foods but he would drink. I searched the internet for high calorie drink recipes and was thrilled to find this one; the granddaddy of high calorie smoothies. Within a week of serving an 8 ounce cup to my son once a day he started plumping up and I am overjoyed. We go back to the doctor tomorrow for a weight check and I think he will be pleasantly surprised!

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kevnskat June 28, 2010

DO NOT GIVE HONEY TO AN INFANT! It is dangerous to give honey to an infant. Please check with your doctor. [Editor's Note:] After researching this, we found that honey should never be given to infants less than a year of age because it may cause a rare type of food poisoning (infant botulism).

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diannejm January 19, 2004
High Calorie Fruit Smoothie