Hidden Valley Ranch Crusted Scallops With Spinach #RSC

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by kcmart10

Ready, Set, Cook! Hidden Valley Contest Entry. Essentially a one pan meal. It's southern meets coastal with bacon, butter, seafood, and wilted spinach.

Top Review by Chrissy41

All the flavors of this dish mingle to perfection. All of my favorite ! Love that it is easy and quick as well as a very pretty dish. I might try some thinly sliced garlic toast on the side next time.

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  1. 1) In a cool skillet, start cooking your bacon over medium/low heat until crispy. (The lower the heat, the more bacon fat you'll render out, which is good.).
  2. 2) In a small plastic sealable bag, combine 1/2 the packet of Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning Mix, parmesan cheese, and scallops. Gentle mix/coat the scallops in the mixture.
  3. 3) Once the bacon is crispy, remove from skillet, and turn heat up to medium. Keep ALL the fat in there. Sear the scallops on one side, roughly 2-3 minutes. Do not move them until they have cooked about halfway through. Then flip to the other side and sear another 1.5-2 minutes. Then remove from the pan.
  4. 4) Add the garlic, shallots, butter, and other half of Hidden Valley Original Ranch Seasoning Mix to the pan. Sauté for 2-3 minutes, and then add you spinach and allow it to steam and wilt, stirring after about 1-2 minutes. Then add the lemon juice and crumble up the bacon into the spinach.
  5. 5) Create a small bed of spinach on your plate and place your scallops on top of it. Enjoy!

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