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Found some fairly large steaks at the supermarket, and was told by the butcher they were a little larger than average, so I increased the rub by 1/3. I made these as posted, except in step 4, I had hickory chips one one side of the grill, and charcoal on the other side. It worked perfectly as these steaks were on top of this world. Loved the hickory flavor, and the rub was very satisfying. Nice quick delicious dinner this was . Well worth the 5 stars. Made for PRMR tag..

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weekend cooker May 16, 2011

I had very small steaks for DH and I. I used eye of round. I let the paste sit on the steaks at room temperature for about half an hour. These cooked up real quick but I did have the chips heating and smoking up the grill prior to putting them on. The hickory flavor was dominate in the overall taste which surprised us both. We love it! This is so easy to whip together and the flavor is just so darn yummy! Thanks for posting.:)

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teresas April 20, 2011
Hickory Smoked New York Steaks