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I realize this is Hungry Girl's recipe, but that site doesn't allow you to rate the recipes, so I'm throwing in my 2 cents here. This needs a re-work. The cake part is fine, but the cream cheese top isn't. It would be better to cook the cake then ice it with the cream cheese mixture. The topping tastes better before baking, however my guess is that it won't harden unless baked. I'd rather take my chances and work with an icing that stays gooey than what it tastes like when baked. Like many of HG's recipes this one gives your biceps a good workout in the mixing. The cake and pumpkin make a very tasty cake but a very dry batter. The cream cheese frosting takes a lot of determination to get it lump-free. Forget swirling. The topping and the cake come nowhere near wanting to join into a swirl. See the recipe on her site for a picture and you'll see what I mean. Thanks for posting this so it can be rated!

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cartoonbabe January 04, 2009
Hg's Swirls Gone Wild Cheesecake Brownies - Ww Points = 3