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I made this chocolate cake with the Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Icing and it tasted amazing, by far the best cake I have ever tasted. I am new to making cakes, so I am trying to find the best recipes for the future, this is definitely number 1. Very rich, sweet, and just, amazing! I completely recommend this cake (with the Hershey's icing) as it is easy to make and it tastes wonderful. Don't do cake mix, make this cake, you will regret it if you don't.

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cam2003cam June 17, 2015

I made the Hershey's Perfectly chocolate cake to have for the Super Bowl/father in laws b-day on 2/1/15 and the cake was the best chocolate cake I have ever had and every single one of my guests told me how much they loved it and I was passing the recipe forward! I made a peanut butter frosting instead of the typical chocolate and it was so good! I will make this chocolate cake again! It is easy and doesn't take long!

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Vicky M. February 02, 2015

THE BEST Chocolate Cake. I've tried quite a few, including Martha Stewart's, and this one is far and away the moistest and chocolatiest chocolate cake out of them all. Nice bonus that it's so easy to make, and doesn't call for any uncommon ingredients so no special grocery shopping trip needed. A fabulous tasting cake I can whip up at a moment's notice with things I already have on hand? LOVE THAT. Definitely a keeper of a recipe.

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TheRedneckHippie July 02, 2014

This is the most AWESOME cake ever. We have been making this cake for over 25 years. It is almost the only cake we make. We have several really great cake recipes but this is the one we almost always default to. Why have great when there is AWESOME! Our family and friends always request it. At work it is requested at least once or twice a month for birthdays. You would think they would tire of it. But it seems to be more popular than ever.<br/><br/>HINT: DO NOT cook this the full time. I can not emphasize this enough. We cook it for 27 to 28 minutes. When tested with a wooden tooth pick, it has moist crumbs sticking to the tooth pick. If you cook it till the tooth pick comes out dry, it will make an ok cake but not awesome.<br/><br/>Another reviewer had a problem with the cake sticking. We have never had that problem. We grease and dust the pan with flour. It always comes out very easy. We normally take the cake out while still warm. But we have taken it out almost directly out from the oven and also over an hour latter. We do run a rubber spatula around the sides.<br/><br/>I have never reviewed a recipe before. Will likely never do so again. But this cake is so good I felt guilty not telling everyone that this is the one recipe they should keep and cherish.. Make this cake! You will love it.

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keith m. February 07, 2014

this is one of the best cake recipes ever. I have used it for years so was glad to find it here. the recipe usually tends to stick in the pan so I always line my pan with parchment and grease and flour the pan and parchment if I will be turning out of the pan and decorating. If serving from the pan I don't bother with the parchment

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justorvilletoo January 18, 2014
Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate Cake