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This cake is excellent. I've used it for years and have recently made a couple of changes just to kick it up a notch! I use 1/4 cup oil and 1/4 cup melted butter instead of the 1/2 cup oil. The butter adds richer flavor while the oil adds more moisture. I also use 1 cup very hot coffee instead of the 1 cup boiling water. The coffee just kicks up the chocolate flavor, you don't taste coffee at all. The frosting has good chocolate flavor. To Gloss it up a bit, I add 1 tablespoon light corn syrup to the melted butter, then add the rest of the ingredients as directed.

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Soozzee February 25, 2008

I make this cake EVERY time I need a cake now. It is my and my family's absolute favorite! I make it with the modifications noted by Soozzee on 2/25/08 and that makes all the difference. Especially substituting brewed hot coffee for the water, it is fantastic, so rich and yummy. Also, I add parchment paper to the bottom of my 9" rounds first so that the cake doesn't stick to the bottom of the pans. Without parchment, I had a couple crumble on me, so now parchment is a must. I make it for every family birthday, so so good!

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PurlyQ January 05, 2012

Yum! I made this cake over the weekend but I didn't make the frosting. I covered it with ganache--it was delicious! As some other commenters have said, it is not super sweet or rich, but it makes the perfect backdrop for a rich frosting or ganache. I like that this doesn't require baking chocolate squares since I never seem to have them on hand. It would be good with espresso or cinnamon to spice it up a bit, but for a simple chocolate cake, this is a great choice! I baked in a 9x13 glass pan and it was done in 30 minutes.***Edit to add: the cupcake pictures I posted have Professional Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting on them and that was fantastic as well as the ganache I usually use. This cake really is delicious and easy!

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Mommy2two May 05, 2011

I saw this identical recipe at Zaar but the poster refused to credit Hershey's so I did another search to find someone wtih integrity and tried this recipe. It turned out beyond belief and that is coming from someone who does NOT enjoy chocolate! Made it for a birthday friend and made the following substitutions based on reviews: used 1 stick of melted butter vs. the oil; used 1 cup of very strong coffee vs. the water; used Hershey's Special Dark chocolate vs. Standard, and added 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Baked it for 45 minutes and it came out flawlessly and with a marvelously subtle flavour thanks to the addtions. It was so impressive that it required NO frosting; we all enjoyed it plain. I now have a standard chocolate cake to make for friends and family.

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The_Swedish_Chef March 03, 2009

This recipe is AMAZING!!! I followed it exactly and doubled the icing recipe to create a beautiful 3 layer cake with iced rosettes. I also made cake balls with the extra cake I had from leveling the layers. I just crumbled the cake, added a bit of icing, shaped them into balls, chilled them, then dipped them in melted chocolate. After they chilled completely they tasted almost like truffles they were so moist. I also made cupcakes and added about 2 tsps. of chocolate chips to each before putting them in the oven. I used this recipe for my moms birthday who is a crazy chocolate lover and she thought it was amazing. I love this recipe and will be using it many more times in the future.

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Pixel36 September 01, 2014

love love LOVE this cake. Can't go wrong with Hershey's though. Family loved it :D Will make again and again

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ILoveLucy12 July 08, 2011

I went to make this cake tonight and realized I didn't have enough cocoa to make the cake and the frosting. So I tried to figure which was more important...cake or frosting...the frosting won! So I cheated and made a box yellow cake and used this frosting...HOMERUN! Wonderful rich chocolate flavor. I can't wait to try the cake part! Here in PA we are Hershey diehards but I have never come across this one and I am so glad you posted it!

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ransomhouse September 14, 2010

This is extraordinary! I don't like cake and yet I had two slices of this very moist and flavorful cake. We cooked it in a bundt pan, drizzled melted chocolate chips over it and sprinkled powdered sugar on it and topped individual slices with either raspberries or strawberries. DIVINE!!

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Provl8dy in training March 25, 2010

This is an excellent chocolate cake recipe. Moist and delicious. At first I thought I'd done something wrong because it's more runny than any other cake batter I've made. However, it came out perfectly. I have made the recipe three times now. I add a little bit of espresso powder or brewed coffee to the boiling water at the end for a little extra flavour. Just an update: This makes great cupcakes as well. By my oven 350 for about 18 minutes in regular size baking cups and about 23 in espresso size cups.

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Just Call Me Martha January 22, 2010

Fail safe, moist and delicious. I've probably made this cake 60 times over the years; everyone requests it! I've seen suggestions for altering the amount of cocoa used but I wouldn't recommend it; I've tried variations and the original recipe is still the best. I like the fact that butter is not an ingredient in the cake recipe, although it is used in the icing. And you must use the Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Frosting recipe! (Both of these recipes are on the brown Hershey's cocoa can and on Hershey's web site, by the way.) The cake and the frosting combined are excellent. I'm glad to see the recipes on Zaar. Thanks for posting!

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KatieGT March 14, 2009
Hershey's Chocolate Cake With Frosting