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What a surprise! I had chosen this recipe one day, printed it out and then bought the pork tenderloin. But then a couple days later I decided it was too simple and wouldn't have enough flavor for my family. I chose another recipe instead and actually tagged it in the games forum. But when it was time to start dinner, I accidentally picked up THIS recipe and started cooking. About half way through I realized what I'd done and just had to laugh at myself. Obviously, this recipe wanted to get made! :) Well, as it turns out, my family RAVED over the flavor of this pork, and they were amazed at how tender it was. I don't usually tenderize because my tenderizer pulverizes, but your method of using the rolling pin was perfect. I used a marble pin and it took no effort to flatten the meat slices and none of them got shredded in the process! Thanks for posting such a wonderful recipe, Mims & Squims! We'll be making this again.

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**Tinkerbell** January 11, 2011

Very good...my DH loved it! Unfortunately, my white wine sauce reduced VERY fast, so there wasn't enough sauce for my tastes. I'll just keep a closer eye on it next time. Very simply and flavorful. Served it with mashed potatoes and french style green beans (it seemed to fit the French theme) and it all went together nicely. Thanks for sharing.

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texas*gal October 15, 2007

Really easy to make! And when I told everyone at work about the herbs & wine sauce, they thought I'd cooked some kind of gourmet feast. Will definitely make again!

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jmullinnix April 01, 2007
Herbes De Provence Pork Medallions