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A very nice mixture. I use herbes de Provence often, and have a little crock that I bought about 20 years ago, that was full of a commercial mix. I have been buying more commercial stuff to refill it, and it can be expensive. I will now use this recipe to refill it, since I have most of these dried herbs on hand and can get the others in bulk at a great spice shop in Seattle. I had never had mint in my mixes before and it is a nice addition. I tried this in a vinaigrette and it was great. Looking forward to trying it on some poached white fish soon. I doubled the recipe. Made for Spring 2010 PAC.

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Outta Here April 11, 2010

Very good! I use Herbes de Provence quite a bit in my cooking and was totally out. I have been trying to make more of my own spices and seasonings lately. This is one I will be making all of the time! I doubled it and store it in a jar. Thanks for posting, Pink.

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Scoutie August 21, 2010
Herbes De Provence