Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

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  1. Mix in a food processor to obtain a finer mixture if desired.
  2. Store in spice/herb jars or clay pots.
  3. The blend can be used to season dishes of soups, meat, poultry and vegetables.
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I needed Herbes de Provence for Tish's Herbed Rotisserie Chicken Herbed Rotisserie Chicken and I am so glad I used this recipe instead of running to the store. Herbes de Provence never tasted this good! I omitted the Rosemary because I was out, but used the rest of the ingredients. The main taste of the chicken dish was the herbs, and I must say, this recipe made the chicken absolutely delicious! Thanks for posting!

NcMysteryShopper May 27, 2006

Shop bought doesn't smell like this ! the aroma is wonderful... fresh fresh fresh. I didn't have summer savory, lavender or fennel, but all the rest went into the food processor as I prefer a finer texture. My mixture was slighly damp-ish and I worried about it going mauldy if I put it all into a jar, so I collected some of my little teeny tupperware containers, added a little water and froze half the mixture in usable portions. I was using this in recipes the same day, and noticed later on that the rest of the mix had dried out a little, so should keep in a jar no problem. Yes, I know that the photo also features parsley, coriander and sage and that these are not in this recipe, I just wanted to make the pic more appealing and give it a real herb-y feel :) This is an excellent recipe and if you choose to freeze the mix or store it in a jar, It won't dissapoint you. Please see my rating system: an excellent 5 stars. Thanks Troy !!!

kiwidutch January 08, 2006

An all-around, good seasoning mix to have in your spice cabinet. l made two separate batches, one with lavender and the other without and cut the recipe in half, too. My handy-dandy coffee mill that I use just for grinding spices came in so useful for grinding the herbs. Plan on using this seasoning on lamb (see Rack of Lamb With Lavender (Yes, Lavender from Your Garden!)). Thanks for posting. cg

COOKGIRl June 20, 2005