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the tofu blend out of the blender was incredible. Like a creamy pesto but I think that cooking it for so long really makes it lose a lot of its incredible flavor. I give this recipe 4 stars just because I think it has such promise. Unfortunately, I think the long cook time is due to the no boil noodles...as I didn't have those I had to improvise a bit and cook mine ahead. As I can't eat gluten it unfortunately meant that my noodles were overcooked. That said, in future I think I could just cut the cook time to 20 or 30 minutes. It would retain a huge amount of flavor and the noodles won't be soggy. The tofu "ricotta" mixture will be an absolute keeper for me and probably find its way onto lots of other pasta dishes!

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rachelcooksfood May 22, 2013

Amazing tofu mixture! The blend of lemon juice and herbs completely transformed the tofu from this tastless, rubbery entity to an elegant, creamy filling.

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DeeKay18 May 07, 2009

The flavor was really good in this lasagna. You can't tell it is made with tofu, and the pine nuts are subtle. I added some red wine and DH does not like zucchini, so I used artichokes hearts, mushrooms, and caramelized onion. I was not able to find any lasagna noodles that are labeled "no boil", so I am not sure whether there is such a thing. I used the regular ones and a whole jar of tomato sauce to try and have plenty of liquid for them to cook in. It wasn't enough though for the top noodles. They still weren't soft at the end of baking. I added some more liquid and flipped them over for 15 more minutes, and that did the trick. Quite an enjoyable dish!

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Maito November 24, 2007

This was fantastic.The tofu mixture tasted just like ricotta cheese,if not just a little less heavy.I did add some sausage into the recipe.It came together quite easily and I had most of the ingredients in my home already.I've been looking for a dairy-free lasagna recipe and this did the trick.Thanks for posting it.

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MarkSmart924 October 01, 2007

Tonight was the second time I've made this and it came out much better this time around since we just got a food processor. Looking forward to leftovers!

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Luinda Smigel February 19, 2007

I don't know where to start. Had I died without ever trying Tofu, or buying it - I wouldn't have really cared. I would never considered making anything with tofu in it. One of the funniest shows I ever saw was the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, where Marie serves a Tofu Thanksgiving dinner - with a Tofu Turkey with celery legs. Tofu is not me. I don't even really care for zucchini. To my credit, I have used the no-boil Lasagna noodles! Had my friend Bruce not challenged me, I would not have been making this recipe. That being said, this recipe was interesting. I shopped for items I would have never given a second glance too. The recipe itself was very easy to fix. My doubts remained throughout the entire process, but in the end, after gathering up my courage, it was time to "try" this dish. The recipe calls for the "best marinara sauce you can find". That was enough to scare me as to what the final results would be. For someone not a Vegan or Tofu person, this was good. For someone who is a Vegan and Tofu person - YOU WILL LOVE THIS! Had I never know what was in this, I probably would have never known that it was tofu and not ricotta cheese (the greenish tint may have caused me to slow down and reconsider) but I would have enjoyed it anyway. However, being the closed minded person I can be sometimes regarding the food I eat (I want to be able to identify what I eat) I don't foresee me fixing this again, or any other Tofu dish. To my bad, I just can't seem to make mental jump that I need to get past it. My loss perhaps, but the honest truth, none the less. Thank you for the experience.

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The Thorn of Hudson, FL January 01, 2007

Made this a short while ago, nobody guessed it was made of tofu, satisfied the most hungry of meat eaters. I altered it a little by reducing the amount of Zucchini and adding some baby leeks. A real autumn dish.

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English Veggie Chef October 27, 2006

A fabulous pasta dish: the tofu combined with the basil, parsley, pine nuts, garlic and lemon juice was just so superbly flavoursome. We absolutely loved it. I omitted the red pepper flakes (a personal taste preference) and increased the garlic (I increase the garlic in most recipes because I DO love garlic!), but I otherwise made this exactly to the recipe. And I followed Annisette’s advice and used an excellent marinara sauce! This was one of the selections I made for Pick a Chef 2006, and I’m SO happy with this selection. Thank you, Annisette, for a fabulous 5+++++ recipe which I know that I’ll be making again and again.

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bluemoon downunder May 23, 2006
Herbed Tofu Lasagna With Zucchini