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Kitten here is another outstanding recipe...for all who loves shrimp this easy and scrumptious casserole will surely be a hit! Goes awesome with crusty garlic bread. All the herbs blend nicely and produces a wonderful result! Thanks for posting another winner.

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Marz October 07, 2007

Yum!! I absolutely loved this casserole. I made a couple of minor substitutions to bring down the fat content (egg substitute for eggs, less mozzarella on top) and I used medium salsa instead of mild. It was still great. When I took the casserole out of the oven, I said "No way is this only six servings"...I cut it into eight pieces, but then ate two. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Kitten!

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Aunt Cookie September 09, 2006

I'm quite familiar with this recipe, as I live in the city whose Junior League cookbook it's in! For a while there it was a dinner-party staple around our city, and always a big hit. Only problem is the Swiss and mozzarella---too stringy when melted! When I made this, I "upped" the feta, omitted the Swiss, and topped with freshly-shredded Parmesan instead of mozz. And the last time I made it, I had no salsa on hand, so threw in a can of spicy Ro-Tel tomatoes and chiles. Worked great! And final note: there is no such thing as too much fresh basil in a recipe like this!

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La Dilettante September 24, 2013

We thought this was just okay--though I did make some changes that may have made the difference (and maybe it was the salsa I picked--it was pretty soupy)? I used bites of chicken instead of the shrimp (sauteed with garlic, a little salt, a little pepper) and added a package of frozen chopped spinach that I defrosted and squeezed. I also forgot the mozzerella and topped it with some additional swiss. While it wasn't terrible, I don't know as though I will make it again. Because of my changes, I'm not using stars.)

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Dwynnie June 24, 2011

Loved it! It was funny; my wife and I wanted to make 'something with shrimp.' I dug up a quiche recipe, an alfredo recipe, a cheesy shrimp-bake recipe, and a shrimp, feta & tomatoes recipe. Then I came across this recipe, and it was almost like, "All of the above, mixed together." We both thought it sounded crazy enough that it just might work. And sure enough, it was great! It was a hit with the kids too. The only change we made was that we added some steamed broccoli to it. Will definitely make this one again.

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Rodney B. March 10, 2011
Herbed Shrimp and Feta Casserole