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Wonderful. Easy, too. Worth washing the food processor for (and I HATE washing that thing!). I made three batches in very little time. I didn't make the basic recipe but rather followed some of the reviewers and omitted the herbs and pepper for the following variations: 1. seed crackers: half whole wheat flour, and all the seeds I had on hand (except cumin) - flax, cracked wheat, sesame and caraway. Good topping cracker, not overpowering in flavour. 2. cheese crackers (nice orange colour): These taste sort of like 'Cheese Nips' only WAY better. 1/2 cup grated cheddar and about 1/2 tsp chipotle sauce - YUM 3. 'Indian' crackers (pale yellow). These taste a lot like pappadums! Added 1/8 tsp turmeric, about 2 tsp cumin seeds, about 1/4 tsp ground cumin. Might add cracked black pepper to this one next time. Totally forgot to prick the crackers before baking, will do so next time as they puffed up a little. I submitted a photo :)

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CanadianEmily January 21, 2009

I made these using gluten free flour and vegan margarine (allergies). They came out pretty good. Of the 2 batches the garlic was better. The thinner ones were better than the thicker ones. But, it was just hard to roll out the dough; it stuck to the roller. Next time I would try using a marble dough roller, and if I had a stone surface to roll out the dough, that would have been helpful, too.

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Jackie's Mom December 29, 2010

Excellent, and easy. For my taste needs more salt, and more seasoning, but the possibilities are endless. Hard to get them as crispy without being too dark as I would like, but will work on it! Thanks so much!

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J'sSweetness April 02, 2010

These are FANTASTIC!! I've made three batches with stone ground wholemeal wheat and the last batch I did 1/4c Wholemeal wheat, 1/4c Corn flour, 1/2c fine ground corn meal & 1T gluten (don't know if it needed it but thought I'd add it just in case). I cut dough into 16 then rolled it out thin b4 pricking it and using the pizza cutter to score them into either 1/4s or 1/8ths. Once they're broken they a cute little triangles. Next time I'm going to try gluten free ones :-) 5star +

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Bronzki November 02, 2009

Very good. The crackers that I undercooked were much better than the ones I overcooked

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Smirk July 24, 2009

This recipe is a keeper. I made these and added toasted sesame and poppy seeds, roasted garlic, and a little garlic and onion powder. They were so good. I pinched off a bit and just rolled the dough thin like the fancy flatbreads you buy and baked like the recipe stated. Such an easy and quick recipe. They turned out perfect. Thanks for posting.

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SaderBee December 20, 2008

these were very good. I did not use a food processor, but made them like I would a crust for a pie. They reminded me of those expensive pita chip you buy at the store. I can hardly wait to try different flavors. Thanks so much for posting. I am allergic to alot of preservatives, and am always looking for recipes for snacks that I can have on hand so I too can enjoy snacking without getting hives. Not fun.

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redneckgetaway51 January 25, 2010

Well...I'm assuming it's user error since all the other reviews are so good! My crackers mostly came out almost "stale" tasting. I actually left them in a few extra minutes since they weren't browning. I rolled out the dough very thin and cut shapes out of it. The shapes turned out nicely..but the texture is just not there. Hmm. Again, probably something I did since everyone else had such great results...but I'm disappointed.

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surfin' chef November 11, 2009

Oh my gosh, these are SO GOOD!! I've made several batches - LOOOOVE it with about 2 tbs minced garlic and 3/4 tsp sea salt, plus herbes de provence and evoo instead of butter. Another great option is Cajun Seasoning with the evoo... I make these with a different shaped cookie cutter so my preschoolers aren't given one by accident (smile). Excellent recipe and so darn easy! Thanks for a keeper!

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TJ-Montana October 26, 2009
Herbed Crackers