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These are just flat fun! I love dill and had lots from a run to the farmer's market on Saturday, so I put large sprigs between the slices. I also did use my mandoline (at which I am absolutely NOT expert) to slice the potatoes as close to paper thin as I could. I found that after 20 minutes the slices were pale so cooked for another 10. Still pale, so I put the oven on broil and moved the pan up and broiled them for about 3 minutes. Utterly yummy. It did take a few minutes of cooling for the edges to crisp. I definitely shall make these again. Oh--they definitely need salt!

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BarbryT August 18, 2008

These are really yum and very quick to put together. I think the key thing here is to cut the potatoes super thin as Mom2Rose explains paper thin. The chips come out really crispy, I also add some salt after cooking. Thank you Mom2Rose

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Chef floWer June 15, 2008

These didn't go as crunchy as I expected... but the flavour was good and these didn't take long to dissappear. I did find that making the layers was rather time consuming, next time I think I will just lay them all out and just go wild with the herbs on the top. I tried to pass them off as chips to the kids but sadly they weren't fooled... this time LOL. please see my Rating System: upside = 4 stars for good taste, downside = it takes a lot of work to make a relatively small amount. I will see if I can be inventively lazy and find a way to get a similr result with less effort. LOL.. Thanks!

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kiwidutch June 03, 2008
Herb Potato Chips