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This is a great recipe for frying tofu -- it stayed nice and firm, but I cooked it for 4 minutes over high heat and it came out with a dark crust. I lowered the heat to about medium/medium-high and cooked the other side for 4 minutes. That side was nicely browned and crisp. I cut away the dark side of the tofu before serving, and I could then taste the great seasonings in the herb crust. No bland tofu taste in this recipe, and the mushroom gravy was great over it. Next time I'll cook the tofu on the lower heat and double the gravy -- it was so good that everyone wanted enough to mix in with the rice I served alongside. I'm really glad I found a tofu recipe that is finally crispy, as my son and DH loved it this way. REVISED review -- we loved the taste of this recipe, so I made it again yesterday, cooking over medium heat on each side -- on our stove it came out perfect at that setting -- crunchy crust and great flavor!

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TasteTester September 11, 2009

Great recipe. I was serving with mashed potatoes, so I doubled the gravy recipe so we would have planty. Glad I did. I will be using this part of the recipe for other things, too. The tofu turned out crispy, though I personally find tofu to be a bit bland so might marinate it next time, say with a balsamic mixture. But as written, everyone else loved it. I will cut the amount of cornstarch next time also, but I used the some of the extra herbed cornstarch for the gravy and bagged the rest for later use.

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Outta Here June 08, 2013

Tofu perfectly cooked! This was so crunch and then soft in the middle. Make sure to eat it when hot for the best texture. Very flavorful too - which I admit I was a bit skeptical of. I did decrease the cornstarch in the breading by half but kept the spices the same amounts. Otherwise, followed to a T. Thanks so much Sharon for a different way to make tofu!

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sofie-a-toast June 15, 2012

This is the best tofu recipe in food.com! I've been waiting for a long time to find a tofu recipe that I could proudly serve to guests. This one is superb. I used smoked tofu and dry fried it using this recipe Dry-Fried Tofu. Then to make the cornstarch mixture stick, I dipped the dry fried tofu in a mixture of soy sauce and a couple drops of liquid smoke. The end result was a deliciously crispy outside, and a softer (but not mushy) interior. Most people would be surprised to find out this wasn't chicken... As for the mushroom sauce, it was fantastic too and worth making on its own. Can you tell I loved this recipe? I did. And it's going straight into my "good enough for company" cookbook. YUM!

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Wish I Could Cook June 10, 2012

I replaced most of the cornstarch with flour to bread the tofu. The mushrooms were increased to about fifteen cremini mushrooms. Five mushrooms would not have been enough to make the gravy. Used fresh rosemary from our garden, too. Served over egg noodles and alongside a tossed salad. Homemade Italian seasoning. Reviewed for Veg Tag/September.

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COOKGIRl September 25, 2011

Great recipe...I find most recipes from Veg Times are really reliable. The tofu was so crispy and tasty, even though I only used 1/2 the amount of cornstarch called for, and the gravy was easy. I served along with some mashed potatoes so I doubled up (more or less) on the gravy because it just didn't seem like it was going to be enough for mash as well. I cooked the tofu in less oil than called for, so it took longer, but the end result was still great. Can't wait to make this again!

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magpie diner April 15, 2011

I cannot say enough good things about this recipe! YUM! We had this with rice and italian seasoned steamed green beans. I will definitely make this dish again! Thank you soooo much!!!

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Dominick & Amanda August 25, 2009

This was excellent and one of the easiest recipes I've ever made. Cut tofu. Roll it in spices. Fry. Eat. We used different, leftover gravy but followed the tofu recipe exactly. Very flavorful for such simple spices. Might omit the salt next time (I usually don't like extra salt anyway though). EXCELLENT.

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EmilyStrikesAgain December 30, 2008

Comfort food indeed! This recipe was absolutely delicious. I made half a batch of the tofu and a whole batch of the gravy. I served the extra gravy over vegan mashed potatoes. The only other change I made was to process the dried rosemary in the blender until finely ground, because I don't like biting into those little sticks. I will definitely make this again! Reviewed for September 2008 Vegetarian Recipe Swap

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Prose October 06, 2008

Such a great tofu recipe and one I'd recommend for people who are first trying tofu (though I love it pretty much any way it's prepared). I used only about half the cornstarch and vegetable oil to save on calories, and it was still plenty (not that most of that oil is actually consumed, anyway, so the nutrition info is probably quite a bit higher than it actually is prepared). The rosemary was a nice touch for the mushroom gravy, but I think next time I might do less of a gravy and more like sauteed mushrooms with some rosemary. Thank you for posting this yummy recipe!

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Maggie, Cooking April 10, 2008
Herb Crusted Tofu With Mushroom Gravy