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Easy, very fresh and light. I made these for New Years' and friends all loved them. I modified it a bit for what I had on hand. I doubled the cheeses but kept the butter the same (Turns out I didn't need to because this makes so much and is so flavorful. I used lots of parsley, a small container of dill from the market, a few sprigs of rosemary (stems removed), a teaspoon of dried lavender, and four medium cloves of garlic that were boiled in water for 60 seconds to make a milder flavor. Salt and pepper to taste. I put all the herbs in the food processor first and then separately blended the butter and cheeses so I could add the herb mixture to taste but ended up using all of the herbs (once processed they were more like a third of a cup- I'm guessing because I wasn't paying attention. Anyhow- it's a great cheese base and you can do anything with it. I served it on whole wheat crust-less bread cut in halves with some chopped radishes inside for crunch.

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Gragegrl January 01, 2012

Is it wrong to make a whole batch for oneself? SO delicious and I love being able to use fresh herbs. I've paired it with cucumber, tomatoes, I'm pretty sure I could eat it straight on a spoon. Thanks again for a wonderful recipe!

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frazzle dazzle August 07, 2010

i love these sandwiches they are a nice change of pace from the everyday i love them with cukecumbers slices zaar tour 6

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Dienia B. June 20, 2010

Fabulous little tea sandwiches and SO British too! I made them with crustless sliced white bread and boursin cream cheese with herbs. I added freshly chopped salad burnet, lemon verbena and chives, as well as the parsley for a light herbal flavour. Next time I may add a few sliced cucumbers too! Made for ZWT6 and the GB leg - for the Whine and Cheese Gang and the Magic of Herbs event in the photo's forum. Merci encore Ellie! FT:-) (Photos to be posted)

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French Tart June 20, 2010

These were really good, and I just loved the combination of goat cheese and cream cheese. For the combination of herbs, I used tarragon, chives, and cilantro.

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Studentchef June 18, 2010

Very nice cheese blend that would lend itself to countless other variations. After I made up the cheese spread, I stirred in some chopped, sun-dried tomatoes into a bit and used it that way. Also, a thin slice of cucumber or some arugula leaves tucked in between the bread adds a nice, fresh crunch.

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evelyn/athens May 31, 2006
Herb Cheese Tea Sandwiches