Help for High Blood Pressure

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Prep 5 mins
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I am doing this for my high blood pressure and sure hope it helps me and you!

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  1. Mix honey, ginger juice and cumin powder 2 times a day.
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I just started on this remedy because I come from a long line of people with hypertension. I figure a little preventative medicine can't hurt. The taste is not bad at all, I rather like it. I make ginger juice anyway, so this was easy for me. Thanks for posting :)

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5 Stars ! I don't have ginger juice here so just added a 1/2 teaspoon of finely grated fresh root ginger, and wow, with the cumin ( I used powder not seeds) and the honey it tasted really good ! I will keep trying this, not becuase my blood pressure is especially high , but because I think that it is very healthy and the imune system etc needs any help I can give it with all the coughs and cold going around all the time. Please see my rating system: 5 excellent stars for something so simple and tasty and natural.. Thanks!!!