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I loved this simple tomato dress-up! I used fresh basil from my garden in place of the oregano but followed the recipe as written other than switching herbs. I used Homemade Pomegranate Molasses for the pomegranate molasses. Made for July NA/ME Tag.

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Dreamer in Ontario July 20, 2011

A very yummy tomato salad. I made my own pomegranate molasses and used garden oregano. The pomegranate molasses is subtle, which I think is right (when we tried a little more drizzled over, it was too sweet for us).

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Maito September 17, 2013

Very good and a summer treat! I used heirloom tomatoes with oregano from the garden. Goes great with any barbeque - but we had it with grilled chicken and corn on the cob -- good summer eating! Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ July 13, 2013

Definitely a winner of a dish. I love pomegranate molasses and it was so wonderful on my tomatoes. Wish I could have found Heirloom tomatoes, but the dressing worked perfectly well on some large hot house tomatoes that I found. We serve sliced tomatoes all the time with our dinners and now we can really dress them up! This dish will be going right into my Best of 2013 Cookbook. Made for Best of 2012 Tag.

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DailyInspiration February 07, 2013

Wow, heirloom tomatoes taste wonderful at the best of time, but this recipe elevates even them. I made my own Pomegranate Molasses to enjoy with this treat. Yum, was it ever good. The molasses blends beautiful with the juice from the tomatoes, creating a memorable treat. Thank you so much Cookgirl for sharing this quick and easy to make recipe, that I will enjoy often. I have placed this in my Favorites Cookbook for 2012. Kudos to you.

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Baby Kato September 13, 2012

I loved this simple and easy dressing to add some pizazz to my one and only tomato from my garden. It was not an heirloom but it tasted great just the same. I also used Jane's Crazy Mixed-up Salt replacing the sea salt. I also used oregano from my garden which consisted of very tiny leaves. Made as a recipenap in Veg 'n Swap tag.

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AcadiaTwo September 07, 2012

WONDERFUL. A nice change from our standard "Italian dressing over tomatoes with onions" which is delish, yet this is fun. That Pomegranate Molasses is perfect. I do admit that I subbed the oregano for some fresh chives and fresh basil (the oregano hasn't come up in the garden yet, darn that oregano!) Thanks for posting and this will surely be a repeat. UPDATE: I made this again for a July 4th BBQ. This time I decreased the oil by 1T and used fresh cilantro which I HIGHLY recommend!!! I think next time I will make it this new way, but add a little sweet onion to the salad. Thanks for posting.

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JanuaryBride July 05, 2012

Nice delicious salad. I think I love pomegranate molasses on anything! I used unrefined extra virgin olive oil of very good quality, organic heirloom cherry tomatoes which were a mix of colours, sea salt (not sure the difference to the ones called for). Freshly cracked black pepper & fresh cilantro. I also added the grilled haloom(i) cheese which I seared in a little olive oil first rinsing and coating lightly with white rice flour. Made for AUGUST 2011 NA/ME TAG! EVERYBODY COME PLAY!

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UmmBinat August 22, 2011
Heirloom Tomatoes With Pomegranate Molasses Drizzle