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Thanks to Kat's Mom for starting the Alphabet threads and to Potsie for posting this amazing cake! It turned out flawlessly and lasted 20 minutes with 4 adults having two pieces each! Below are my notes on my experience with making it. 1) Have everything ready before you melt the butter. That way, the batter will adhere to the hot butter/sugar/pineapple mixture and integrate into the batter. 2) Use the melted butter to "grease" the sides of your skillet. The cake comes out without a hitch. 3) RESERVE THAT PINEAPPLE JUICE! When I tried to mix the yolks and sugar, there was too little liquid from the eggs to mix them. I added 2 tablespoons of pineapple juice to make the egg/sugar mixture fluid enough to pour. 4) I reduced the 2 cups of brown sugar to 1.5 cups, like Nsremom suggested. It was the perfect amount; not too sweet. 5) The cake puffs up like a souffle. It drops after coming out of the oven. Mine was done at 25 minutes so check earlier so it doesn't burn. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, and then turn out from the skillet. Since making this, two of my other friends have wanted the recipe. It's worth every second it takes to bake it. BEST version of this cake that I've ever eaten!!!

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The_Swedish_Chef March 30, 2009

On the one hand, it's fantastic that Sushiman is an excellent shopper. On the other hand, control freak that he is, we go shopping together so we buy the "right" things. One the one hand, he's got the magic feel for getting bargains. On the other hand, it's not a bargain if you end up never using the stuff. On the one hand, he found some canned pineapple rings at the most amazing price. On the other hand, they've been taking up space in the kitchen cabinet since May. Enter this recipe, a perfect solution for my dilemna. I followed the recipe almost to a tee, using the candied cherries but substituting candied pecans for the walnuts (we just LURVE those candied pecans). I didn't use a cast iron pan, I used a silicon cake pan and I think that even with waiting longer than the recommended "few minutes" for the cake to cool, it popped out of the pan beautifully. The cake was a major hit for dessert, with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream on the side. On the one hand, it was delicious. On the other hand, I might as well just spread this stuff directly on to my hips.

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Mirj November 14, 2006

Delicious and so fattening.....wow...I about freaked putting the 1/2 C of butter in, THEN adding the 2 cups of brown sugar....I chickened out and only put 1.5 cups of b sugar in. Don't attempt this recipe while dieting.

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Nsremom July 01, 2008

Just follow the recipe and you will have one heck of a cake to serve up to your family and friends; Totally delicious. My whole clan loved it!

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FriendlyChefy May 05, 2011

WOW!!!!! Absolutely fantastic. I love pineapple in anyway, shape or form and tonight I wanted a cake.............WHAT???????? no cake mix???? OMG what to do? ZAAR and Pot Scrubber to the rescue, I had everything on hand and hade a cake in nothing flat. No more mixes for this grandma. Anymore pineapple anything in your recipe box? Thanks for a great addition to my snacking.....(like I need to snack). Hugs, Lee

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Lee from New Mexico September 27, 2007

I was making this cake to take to Easter dinner and had to make it a day ahead. I became a little concerned that it might become soggy but it was perfect! I followed the directions exactly with the exception of cutting the sugar back to 1 1/2 cups. I ran out of sugar (who does that?) and used a mixture of white and brown. It rose beautifully and was the nicest looking Upside Down cake I have made. I didn't have cherries but the walnuts were perfect with this. It got rave reviews from the family. You need this in your repertoire!

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K9 Owned April 06, 2015

Great recipe with a great taste! I added some coconut rum, almond extract, and vanilla extract to adjust the taste to my liking.

Unfortunately, mine fell through the middle, making it look like a large donut. I believe it was because I used a small pot instead of a pan, making the cake a lot taller. I think lowering the heat and increasing the baking time would have solved the problem because the cake was more than ready on the outside, but completely unbaked in the center. I also couldn't get the sugar to crust at the top, so I may use white sugar for that next time.

Thank you again, for sharing the framework for this recipe. Everyone in my home loved it!

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StillLiving January 06, 2013
Heirloom Pineapple Upside Down Cake