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This recipe is a Godsend. I love 57 sauce, but can't have it because of the high sodium content. So I substituted Hunt's no salt added ketchup and used a seasoning salt substitute. So the only sodium in the batch I made was from the Italian dressing, and bingo! I have a very decent 57 Sauce clone that fits my dietary restrictions. Poured my first "dose" over homemade English bangers - I'll post the recipe for them tonight.

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Mille® January 25, 2002

My husband and I liked the sauce, but it was a little too sweet for our likings. We used it on grilled hamburgers, so it wasn't too overpowering. Thank you for the recipe.

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jamb September 09, 2002

I use Heinz 57 sauce once a year in my "Ham With Gingersnaps" recipe, but I found that the sauce has high fructose corn syrup. I made this and tasted it and it tastes good, but I have to try it in my recipe. This will also cut down on the cost of the recipe, as 57 Sauce is expensive! You can get a Heinz Organic ketchup that has no HFCS and lower sodium. The recipe makes 16 oz, so the sodium content per tablespoon is 73 mg, which I think is not correct. I came up with about 90 mg per serving, using No Salt seasoning salt. Anyways, I'm glad to find a copycat for this! Will update when I make my recipe. UPDATE: I've made my recipe at least twice and it works just fine with it. Great stuff.

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WI Cheesehead December 21, 2008
Heinz 57 Sauce (Copycat)