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10 STARS. . .FANTASTIC to say the least!!!! I used raw turbinado sugar and added a tsp of vanilla extract. I also added a handful of unsalted peanuts with the popcorn. Will DEFINITELY make this again!!!!! Ours never made it to the ball stage, as my DH and I stood over it and ate almost all of it for dessert LOL. Made for MAKE MY RECIPE.

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JanuaryBride February 04, 2009

I didn't form into balls, but this made good caramel corn. 80 grams of butter is approximately 6.5 TBSP. I used part brown sugar and added a tiny sprinkle of salt, and I actually made the caramel in the microwave. Just mix the ingredients together in a glass bowl or large measuring cup and boil in the microwave for 4-5 minutes, stirring every couple minutes until the caramel starts to thicken. I also added a tsp of vanilla extract and maple flavoring to the caramel sauce just before covering the popcorn. Then, to help spread the caramel, I used two baking sheets sprayed with nonstick spray and baked the popcorn in the oven on 300 degrees, stirring every few minutes until the popcorn was evenly covered. Great tasting caramel corn!

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JPerez December 20, 2013

Love these popcorn balls & really love that they use honey instead of corn syrup. We didn't have cream, so we just put in 1 T of milk instead & they still turned out great.

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funyuns April 27, 2013

Very good and super easy to make, too! I think I would reduce the amount of popcorn kernels to 1/3 cup because when I mixed the syrup with the popcorn, by the time we got to the bottom of the bowl, there wasn't enough mixture to form balls. Fun recipe to make this time of year. Thanks for posting! Next time I'll try adding some peanuts to the mix.

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COOKGIRl October 31, 2011
Heffalumps - Caramel Popcorn Balls