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These are just AWESOME Jim. Loved the flavors (and the nuts of course ~ but I used pecans) and how easy these were to make. A definite keeper for the holiday cookie tray ~ so glad I found them! Made for your FOOTBALL POOL WEEK #1 WIN, September 2009!

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FloridaNative October 04, 2009

Soooo goood. I had lots of leftover dates after Ramadan as well as coconut and walnuts. These are a definate keeper. They were gone before I could get a pick, DH and DS both loved. Thanks Jim. Made for Footbal Tag 09.

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Jamilahs_Kitchen September 25, 2009

These were a HUGE question mark. At first. ;) I had to half the recipe , I only had 1/2 cup chopped walnuts. I'm slightly irritated I couldn't make a whole batch now. LOL The recipe is easy enough to halve , it's not too horribly difficult to beat an egg and guesstimate half of it :) They definitely need to cool on the pan a bit before you remove them or they just want to fall apart. And now to the taste. When I first ate one , it was still warm , I didn't care for it much.... and then they cooled down more. And I liked 'em a little more. Now today after they sat overnight and got completely cool ... I can't stop eating them!! These are ADDICTIVE little buggers!!!!! (maybe I should be happy I had to cut the recipe in half LOLOL) I think I'd also like to try these with pecans too! Great recipe , thanks for posting!! Made in participation of the bake a thon for CoolMonday.

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Marlene. November 18, 2007
Hedgehog Cookies