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I can't award stars because I didn't finish making the soup. I couldn't get past the look of it. I added the thyme and the whole thing looked very unappetizing. As it was simmering to cook the white potato, almost all of the liquid disappeared and it was a greenish brown paste with lumps of orange and white. 10 oz doesn't seem to be nearly enough liquid and I think the amount of thyme was too much. Sorry for the bad review and that I didn't finish making it but there was no way anyone in my family would've taken a bite of it.

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VA February 23, 2010

very tasty soup! it's racked on our dinner rotation! the mashed potatoes and cream gives this soup a great body. I doubled all the ingridients except the 1/2-n-1/2 and it was perfect. i will try adding carrots next time.

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LoveMyPeeps November 18, 2009

It is indeed a heavenly soup! My DD2 loves potato soup and this has just become her favourite!! I roasted the sweet potato the night before, since it took quite some time, over an hour, it may be due to different countries or altitude since we are quite high here in Johannesburg, I roasted a medium size sweet potato at 220C for approx. an hour, I could have given it a bit longer to get the caramelised effect, but it was well-cooked through. DH then completed the recipe the next day, so the soup was simmering gently when I came home at 18h00 with some crispy fresh rolls! the house smelled divine! he said the recipe was straightforward and easy to follow, it only took him about twenty minutes to prepare the soup, the flavour was rich, and, as I said, DD2s' new favourite! we didn't have the salad on this occasion, but I will be trying that later and will review it separately. Thanks for a great recipe, Alleycat! Made for PAC Spring 2008. PS DD and I took photos of this, our first attempt at food photos, but I haven't posted them yet, I'll work that one out a bit later!!!

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Karen Elizabeth April 04, 2008
Heavenly Sweet Potato, Potato Soup