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This is kind of hard to rate because it's going to come down to personal preferences. First I need to say that this recipe is a dream to make, it works beautifully and makes a very nice textured loaf (I used an 8x4 pan). I use whole wheat a lot, I like the taste and the health benefits. The single problem (for me) is the honey. It's the strongest taste by far and over powered the 3 big bananas to the point of pretty much missing them altogether. I have thought about this and I think that it's quite likely that I found the honey taste to be strong is that I always use Splenda for sweetening but thought that I would splurge for once. It's been many yrs since I last had honey, I'm just no longer used to "real" sweeteners. I know that this is a good recipe and I don't think anyone should hesitate in trying it.

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Annacia June 22, 2011
Heavenly Healthy Banana Bread from Kaf